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Why does BMW offer heated seats with monthly subscription

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The heated seats, purchased on a subscription basis, will cost UK drivers £10 a month, or about $12.

This week, there was a lot of media coverage about BMW launching the program in Korea, but it was just a misunderstanding, according to BMW. In that case, it’s just a database error in BMW’s online store, according to the automaker.

But the British show is real.

BMW executives have been vocal for years about plans to offer certain features includes, yes, heated seats, on a subscription basis. The heating coils and other hardware needed to actually heat the seats are already in the car, but if desired, car owners can pay a monthly fee to BMW to get them to work. The benefit would be a lower upfront price for the vehicle and, potentially, the ability to only pay for the feature when it might be needed, such as in winter. Additionally, a second or third owner will be able to pay – or not – for the features they want or don’t want.

Naturally, if BMW drivers choose to participate in the no-pay program, BMW will turn off their heated seats.

Features that will be offered under the subscription will vary by market, the automaker said. Heated seats were brought up as an example of something that would not be offered under US subscriptions because American luxury car customers don’t expect to pay them monthly the way they would, such as a Netflix subscription. However, a heated steering wheel could be offered by subscription, BMW says in 2020. That hasn’t happened yet, however.

Some other features are already available by subscription in the US. Currently, BMW owners in North America can purchase separately a “remote start” function that allows the driver to start the engine from a distance so the vehicle can start. Again a function called “BMW Drive Drive Recorder,” which uses the car’s exterior cameras (those commonly used for things like lane-keeping assist) to create videos like the dashboard camera, is also available by subscription. sign.

They are offered in an online marketplace called the BMW ConnectedDrive Store, which includes certain car features under the heading BMW Functions on Demand.

“With BMW Functions on Demand, customers will be able to discover new software-based features in the short term by purchasing a trial version or purchasing the feature outright for a period or for the life of the vehicle.” BMW spokesman Alexander Schmuck said in an email.

Features that were paid for with subsequent vehicle purchase will not be available by subsequent subscription. This sort of thing was simply offered as a way for BMW owners, and possibly second or third owners of BMW vehicles, to try out features that might not have been “turned on” when it was first purchased. firstly.

Subscribe to unlimited car features at BMW. Subaru also charges a monthly fee for remote start via an app (though it also sells unlimited remote start for a higher upfront cost), and Tesla has used software to introduce limited battery range of lower-end models for many years, sometimes unlock longer range in certain situations. Other automakers have also talked about charging subscriptions for regularly updated technologies like advanced driver assistance systems and navigation.

Don’t worry about your heated seats, though. It’s all yours.

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