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‘The Gray Man’ puts Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans in spy mode as Netflix snaps into action

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Indeed, “Grey Man” comes from “Red Notice” The school of Netflix action movies is noisy if not colorful, where casting, social media influence, and superhero credibility in the key cast make quality fundamentally is irrelevant. Never mind the movie, the poster alone, which includes the “Avengers” directors, the Russo brothers, practically guarantees an astronomical “minutes watched”.

Even less than “Red,” however, “Grey Man” doesn’t really measure up to the hype, including a forced theatrical release in advance to lubricate the wheels of its streaming assault. .

Based on the book series, the film is billed as the latest iteration of the Bond-Bourne genre, but even more so than most spies-and-spy scams serve as a pretext for segments. Complex action sequences and crazy stunt work, make for some genuine highlights but also offer diminishing returns, especially in the home side.

Whether Gosling wants a future like the shady CIA assassination known only as Six Skeletons Seen (he jokes that 007 has been captured), this represents a modest addition. if perhaps unavoidable in his eclectic background. As if to put a stop to it, Evans’ character derisively calls him a “Ken doll”, a sly reference to his next breakthrough at a time of recession for franchise filmmaking.

Gosling’s Court Gentry was brought out of prison, naturally, to kill for the CIA, operating in a gray realm, quoting old songs, giving him a number and taking his name away. However, Six’s latest mission puts him in possession of information that makes him dangerous to those above him, threatening everyone from his colleagues on that campaign (De Armas ) to the now-retired operator (Billy Bob Thornton) who recruited him.

However, taking down Six will require some big guns, which explains why those looking to kill him enlisted Lloyd Hansen (Evans), a sociopath contract killer who self-destructs. boast “I can kill anyone” – a statement that Six will testify – and care little about collateral damage or keeping “secret” actions at least as low as possible. almost humorous.

The chase brings with it heads of state from all over the world, and only to get ahead, throws at an impatient child with a heart condition (Julia Butters, having developed quite a background after “Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood”) to give the Six somethings to fight for to get ahead of themselves.

The script (assigned to co-directors Joe Russo, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely) includes some sly humor, and Evans in particular seems amused. the bad guys after his star-clean, soundless image. Even so, a string of torture to prove how bad he is feeling feels a bit gratuitous.
Ultimately, “The Gray Man” is an unintentionally appropriate title to describe a film that exists within a narrow range of the cinematic spectrum. While a step up from Russos’ last streaming attempt, the gloom “Cherry,” it’s the equivalent of an old “B” movie with an A-list cast and budget.

At one point, Six brushed off the risks and punishments he had to endure by saying, “Just one more Thursday.” While “Grey Man” isn’t quite as mundane as it is, in the larger scheme of Netflix’s adventures in the blockbuster realm, it’s like another action movie.

“The Gray Man” premieres in select US theaters on July 15 and July 22 on Netflix. It is rated PG-13.

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