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Republicans Worried About Georgia Senate Race With Herschel Walker Debts On Display

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Those debts were on display during his appearance last week at a local GOP picnic in Hall County, northeast of Atlanta, when Walker say in a confusing way about climate change in a widely circulated video.

“Since we don’t control the air, our good air decides to go to China’s bad air. So when China gets our good air, their bad air will move. So it’s going to move into our good air, then,” Walker said.

Many Georgia Republicans told CNN they were concerned about Walker’s string of indiscretions and inattentive strategy. Some said they feared he was not equipped to take on Senator Raphael Warnock, his well-funded and disciplined Democratic Party opponent in one of the 2022 midterm races.

Warnock, who was elected to the Senate in January 2021 after Joe Biden narrowly won Georgia, remains one of the more popular politicians in the deeply divided state. Recently Quinnipiac University poll even shows Warnock leading Walker by 10 points among registered voters, between 54% and 44% – despite the fact that the same poll shows Biden’s approval in Georgia by 33 % dismal.

Republicans in the state say they believe the race is much closer but Walker is likely to still stick to single numbers.

“I think he’s most likely the only one on [GOP] “Whenever he speaks in public, it not only doesn’t ignite confidence, it causes a crisis of confidence,” said a Republican employee in Georgia.

It’s been an eventful summer for Walker since he easily won the May 24 primaries. The campaign has had to deal with a public relations failure on a number of details. Walker’s recent revelations, including reports that the former soccer star had multiple children with women he was not married to and who was previously unknown to the public. And a June report from Atlanta Journal-Constitution details how Walker claimed for many years to have worked in or with law enforcement incapable of thorough surveillance.

That’s part of why among Walker’s new hires – many of which were announced by the campaign this week – are several veteran GOP communications strategists from the DC area, including Brett O’ Donnell and Gail Gitcho. Additionally, seasoned Republican Georgia strategist Chip Lake joined Walker’s campaign as a supportive associate adviser with campaign manager Scott Paradise, who worked with Lake during the campaign. Doug Collins’s unsuccessful Senate run in 2020.

Walker’s team said the staffing announcements – including a new chief communications officer, new chief financial officer and new chief political officer – did not represent a shake-up as much as an expansion following a preliminary review. relatively uncompetitive level.

“It’s not typical, to have a bunch of people involved at this point in a campaign,” Gitcho told CNN.

But other Republicans say the issue will not be resolved with heavy backers from the GOP consulting world.

“The campaign lacked strategic planning because the candidate was so erratic,” said Erick Erickson, a conservative radio host based in Georgia. “I just found it remarkable that outside of the press secretary’s Twitter account, the campaign was virtually invisible.”

Walker mainly appears in private events and infrequent friendly media interviews. And Republican agents are scratching their heads at the campaign’s message.

For example, in the first official TV commercial, Walker makes his point about supporting the police and military and his desire to “bring people together”. A second GOP employee in Georgia said Walker’s ad was a wasted opportunity to tie Warnock with President Joe Biden and the Democratic majority in Washington.

On the other hand, Warnock has begun Question about Walker’s qualifications for the Senate. In the Democratic Party’s recent series of TV commercials, a narrator claims Walker is in a “war against the truth.” The latest ad, citing news reports, features a video clip of Walker claiming to have graduated top of his class at the University of Georgia – even though I haven’t actually graduated yet from school.

“Is Herschel Walker really ready to represent Georgia?” the narrator concludes.

Republicans in Georgia say the assault from Warnock’s campaign will only get tougher in the coming months.

“I still don’t think Warnock’s team released the war hounds to attack Herschel,” the second GOP agent, who requested anonymity, said freely. “It’s not going to be a pretty picture. Those ads are pretty easy to write.”

There have been bright spots for the GOP candidate. Walker announced his best fundraising quarter on Wednesday – bringing in $6.2 million April-June between his campaign and supporting committees, with $7 million in funding. face in hand.

However, the Republican total was worse than his Democratic opponent, who reportedly raised his own record $17.2 million during the same period and had $22.2 million in cash. face in hand.

Still, even with the anxiety about Walker’s chances, some Republicans say they still believe the conditions going against Democrats nationally will outweigh the candidate’s shortcomings. their. They say Operation Walker is relying on that to happen.

“They assumed the wave was going to get Walker across the finish line and to be honest, I think they’re right,” Erickson said.

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