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Over 200 congressional staffers call on Pelosi and Schumer to act on climate or risks coming to younger generations

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The staffers wrote in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday night. The letter, which was signed anonymously by employees, was first shared with CNN.

The letter continued: “Our country is nearing the end of a two-year deadline, presenting a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pass climate change policy. “The silence on climate justice policy extended on Capitol Hill this year is jarring. We write to distance yourself from your dangerous actions.”

Employees’ grievances carried over as Schumer negotiated with Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia about a Democratic-only package that was expected to address inflationarythe prescription drug costs, energy and climate crisis. The climate and energy section remains the biggest sticking point in the negotiations, as Manchin has publicly stated that he wants to lower gas prices by increasing US energy production.

Manchin told reporters Tuesday as he left a Senate vote, reiterating that he wants a Democratic bill to reduce inflation and the cost of gasoline and food.

But for Democratic congressional staff — many of whom are young — moving large investments into clean energy tax credits in response to the climate crisis is especially urgent. .

The employee letter-writing effort began on Monday; By Tuesday, it had spread to multiple House and Senate offices, including offices in members’ home districts.

Saul Levin, a House Democrat and coordinator of the Congressional Progressive Employees Association’s Climate Working Group, told CNN: “It happened very quickly; it’s very common with politicians. congressional staff”. “It’s not convincing, it’s like – ‘Where’s the link?'”

Levin said the letter was born out of staff frustration at the icy pace of the climate talks on the Hill, adding that many congressional staffers worked to deliver key ideas. major climate policy before the Democrats unified control of the White House and Congress.

“This comes from employee frustration,” says Levin. “A lot of people have been working on this bill for years, since before Joe Biden was elected. [The letter] represents the great disappointment of those who are really close to power and have done our job. How can we go home and tell our family we’ve been doing our job all this time and there’s no climate policy? ”

CNN has reached out to Pelosi and Schumer’s offices for comment.

The letter also discusses young employees’ fears about what will happen if Democrats don’t act to pass clean energy and climate measures. Human-caused climate change has come with higher temperatures and more extreme storms, which scientists warn will only get worse if the earth continues to warm.

Property owners and officials find ways to fight centuries-old laws as the West runs out of water.

“If we had seen the consequences of inaction in your life, it would be hard for us to imagine what we would have faced in our own lives,” the letter read.

Anonymous letters from congressional staff critical of leadership are rare – especially those promoting specific laws – but staffers have spoken out in letters before.

In the summer of 2020, Black employees wrote a letter to leadership urging action after George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer. More than 400 employees also signed a letter in December 2021 calling on House leaders to condemn “violent rhetoric” in the workplace after Republican Representative Lauren Boebert made the remarks. against Islam against Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar.

However, the majority of letters calling for congressional leaders to climate action last year came from outside climate advocacy groups.

Levin said the letter “represents an age gap between employees who will experience more of the climate crisis and non-Democratic leaders”.

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