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Opinion: Post-Roe, GOP is stepping up to support American families

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But Romney has succeeded in sparking a critical debate among conservatives about how best to support families with public policy, promoting a series of facts and proposals. And since Leaked opinion of the Supreme Court in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization makes it clear that Roe and Wade will soon be overturned, the question of how public policy can better support pregnant and childbirth mothers has become a priority Top.
Now, Romney has partnered with Sens. Steve Daines of Montana and Richard Burr of North Carolina, both rock conservatives, to promulgate the Home Security Act 2.0 seems to have squared the circle. A wide range of conservative and expert groups are lending their endorsementincluding the business-focused American Enterprise Institute, the socially conservative Center for Ethics and Public Policy, and anti-abortion groups such as the Susan B. Anthony List and the National Right to Life.
The new FSA offers a cash benefit equivalent to the original benefit, but now only working families are eligible. It adopts a model first suggestion last year of American Compass, where the benefit a family can receive depends on their income in the previous year. This makes the proposition less like cash or free benefits, and more like Social Security, where a family must “pay” through productive work before it can start getting benefits again. grant.

It’s also simple and flexible: Parents won’t have to worry that taking time off work during childbirth could jeopardize their interests, or that losing their job means suddenly losing their benefits. However, long-term disconnection from the workforce will mean loss of benefits.

The new FSA is a major milestone for Republicans on the path toward refocusing their policy agenda on working families and, especially after the Supreme Court Reversal of Roe v. Wade, providing support to expectant and new mothers. Most notably, it’s generous – designed to ensure full value reaches even very low-income families.
Conservatives have long talked about supporting families, but they often focus on tax policy and persistent such assistance cannot exceed the return of taxes to families. This prevents assistance from reaching working and middle-class families who don’t have high tax bills.
Romney, Daines and Burr leave this tax obsession to a real social insurance program designed to help families as they save. Shortcost Going up and limited earning potential. Indeed, the proposal is not tax policy at all: It would be put out in the same division as the Social Security Administration.

Importantly, it is fully paid for, by replacing less effective programs aimed at supporting families and by increasing new revenue streams through tax reform. A significant portion of the funding for the new FSA will come from eliminating the State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction and household filing status — the usual changes Republicans have proposed before. this.

In the past, the plan has always been to offset the additional tax amount with tax breaks for corporations or high-income households. This is a Republican proposal to instead channel those resources where they are needed most, to families struggling with the costs of raising our nation’s next generation.

Surprisingly, Democrats may be the biggest issuers with this revenue boost for the benefit of working families. Surname fought hard to preserve the SALT deduction, giving the greatest benefit to the wealthiest households in the wealthiest (usually “green”) cities and states. Whether that preference sustains providing support to working families will be a good test of their principles.
More broadly, Democrats will need to decide whether they can support a family interest that maintains the connection to work. To date, with the exception of Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, they Has emphasized that they will only consider an unconditional and full benefit to households regardless of whether anyone is working or not.

But that’s traditionally not a progressive view – it’s not something Barack Obama once suggested, Hillary Clinton or even Biden when he was running for president. Only during the pandemic response did the idea of ​​unconditional cash take hold, and now it seems Democrats have stuck in their heads.

Perhaps Democrats will unite against a generous new program for working families, funded in part by new tax revenues, because they are now committed to the principle that the poor do not work. must also be deposited in cash.

That would be an odd position to take and also a politically stupid one. Of course, the poor who don’t work also deserve support, and America works trillion dollar safety net to deliver it – something policymakers should work to improve. But the Americans tend to see the difference between “social insurance” programs such as Social Security, which supports people who “participate” in the system, and welfare programs for those who cannot support themselves.
And many of them see a family allowance paid in cash as of the old type. Holding working families hostage to demand payments to families with no one to work is likely to be uncommon.

Which means, in other words, this new FSA could be the rare proposal that politicians across the political spectrum find reason to support. If so, it may offer the best chance in the long run for a meaningful, long-term, widely supported program to help working families with the costs of raising children. If America was going to have a strong family interest, it would look like this.

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