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Opinion: A Scary Look at What May Expect America After the 2024 Election

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Testimony and evidence show that many former officials fought in vain to avert the January 6 tragedy. Instead of listening to them, Trump clung to the lie that the 2020 election was stolen from him. . He spent weeks rallying his followers for the wrong reason, and then advertising libbed line in his speech at the Ellipse sparked the anger of his supporters, leading to Deadly Attack of the Crowd on the Capitol.

Rarely has the country heard such appalling evidence of abuse of office and such scathing comments from members of a congressional committee.

The hearing began with remarks by Republican Wyoming and Vice President Liz Cheney that Trump “not an easy kid to impress“and held accountable. As the hearing concluded, she revealed that the committee had informed the Justice Department of the former President’s alleged attempt to contact a witness who has yet to be publicly identified and is not featured in the committee presentations.
Amid Cheney’s statements, witnesses spoke of a chaotic White House consumed by efforts to convince Trump of the truth. An important moment is December 18 The Oval Office gathers marked by obscene words and shouting insults. At that meeting, an ill-equipped cast of figures — including former national security adviser Michael Flynn and his attorney Sidney Powell — suggested that the election could be overturned. Despite objections from some of his aides, Trump apparently ultimately accepted their offer.
Among the surprising evidence presented by the committee was a text message exchange between former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale and former Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson after the riots. Parscale expressed that he feels “guilty” for helping Trump become president because his rhetoric angered the crowd.

Pierson texted. “You did what you felt was right at the time and therefore it was right.”

“Yes. But a woman died,” Parscale replied.

Pierson said that Trump’s rhetoric was not the cause of the attack. Parscale replied, “Katrina. That’s right.”

The committee also presented evidence that Arizona Republican Representative Debbie Lesko concerns about what will happen on January 6 and asked congressional leadership to “put out a safe plan for members.” At the time, she said the crowd would “go crazy” when they found out the probable outcome that she and her colleagues had failed to overturn the election. The sound has been obtained by New York Times journalists Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin.

In total, the evidence shows how the former President used his formidable, dramatic skills to advance the events of January 6 – and plunge the country into tragedy and he became a become a madman. Trump has been told the truth about the election results many times and still risks mob violence as he advances his interests against the nation. If this does not cement his place on one of the lowest rungs of history, there will be no shared sense of reality in America and no justice in the universe.

If, by 2024, we find ourselves standing with a candidate Trump in the presidential vote, this hearing provides an astonishing glimpse into what is at stake. It will be a huge wake-up call to voters that they will elect a man who will not let anything – not the truth or the safety of Americans – stand in the way of his almighty aspirations. he.

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