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New York Times: Conservative lawyer suggests to Trump that he take steps similar to declaring ‘martial law’ to overturn election results

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The Times reported on a previously undisclosed memo written by conservative attorney William Olson, records the phone call Olson made with Trump on Christmas Day 2020. In the memo, Olson wrote that he called on Trump to enlist the Justice Department to directly intervene. interfere with his legal efforts in the Supreme Court – and consider replacing his acting attorney general if he fails to do so.

The memo said Trump told Olson he would follow the plan. The memo appeared to be an early sketch of what later became clear Trump’s approach to pressuring the Justice Department and his desire to potentially replace the top leadership. its.

Olson also encouraged Trump on December 28, 2020, the memo replaced the attorneys in the White House counsel’s office who had staunchly opposed the efforts of Trump allies such as Michael Flynn and Sidney. Powell took actions such as seizing voting machines.

“Task your new White House Advisor to determine how to use the powers of the presidency to ensure that the People receive a fair number of elections,” Olson wrote in the memo obtained by the Times. “Our small team of attorneys are working on a memo explaining exactly what you can do. The media will call this martial law, but… it’s ‘fake news’.”

Olson’s call with Trump about how he might try to overturn the 2020 election highlights how Trump continues to receive advice from outside actors on potential steps he can take to prevented his loss, after White House counsel and Justice Department officials told him there was no evidence of substantial election fraud and that he lost the election.

About a week after his conversation with Olson, in early January, Trump considered replacing his acting attorney general with Jeffrey Clark, an environmental attorney at the Justice Department who has accepted fraud charges Trump’s false election fraud. He did not proceed after confronting the DOJ and White House lawyers, who warned the move would result in mass resignations.

It’s unclear how Olson got into Trump’s orbit, and the question of how Clark came to prominence in Trump’s mind has been a longstanding one. Olson now represents MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who has spoken out most strongly about Trump’s false claims about election fraud, in a lawsuit against the House select committee, challenging them pursue some information from his phone account.

Olson did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNN.

In December and January 2020, Trump continued to pressure the Justice Department to accept his fraud charges. Former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and Stephen Engel, a former official in the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel, testified before a House committee January 6 last month that Trump had raised questions about whether the DOJ has filed an election lawsuit with the Supreme Court and already has a draft petition filed with the Department of Justice.

“It’s a pointless lawsuit and not something the Department can or – or will bring,” Engel said. “Someone clearly prepared it for – gave it to the President and he passed it on for us to look at.”

In his memo, Olson called on Trump to “order AG to take action to file a lawsuit on behalf of the United States by 5 p.m. tomorrow.” He added that if the acting attorney general refuses to do so, Trump should replace him with a Senate-confirmed DOJ official who will do so.

Additionally, Olson took aim at the White House counsel’s office, writing that during their conversation he could “hear the shameful and alienating attitude of the attorney from the White House counsel’s office toward the White House counsel.” with you personally.”

It’s not clear which White House attorney Olson was consulting with – both former Trump White House adviser Pat Cipollone and former Trump White House attorney Eric Herschmann testified in documents sent to the court. January 6 committee they spoke out against efforts to overturn the election.

In the memo, Olson encouraged Trump to hire Kurt Olsen in the White House Counsel’s office, saying he could bring in more attorneys to help Trump. William Olson wrote of Kurt Olsen: “You literally need a lawyer on your side.

Kurt Olsen, who helped prepare the Texas case seeking to eliminate Biden’s victory in the Supreme Court, contacted the Justice Department several times in December 2020, seeking a meeting with Rosen and providing draft Supreme Court complaint for the Justice Department to sign, according to a Report of the Senate Judiciary Committee last year.

“As I said in our call, the President of the United States has seen this complaint and he directed me last night to meet in person with AG Rosen today to discuss taking this action. . I have been instructed to report back to the President this afternoon after this meeting,” Kurt Olsen wrote on December 29.

Committee of January 6 issue a subpoena to Kurt Olsen in March. William Olson was not mentioned in the Senate Judiciary Committee’s review of the Justice Department pressure campaign, and was not subpoenaed by the House, according to the committee’s announcement.

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