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Comment: The Supreme Court’s EPA decision is a wake-up call. Congress must act now

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The ruling not only hampers the federal government’s ability to slow climate change – it also sets an alarming precedent that could prevent other federal agencies from enacting important measures. climate policy to protect the lives and livelihoods of the American people.

We cannot allow action because climate remains a deeply rooted political issue. Jurisdiction and business decision makers must work together to advance climate solutions that ensure a safe and healthy future for all Americans.

Last year, the House of Representatives approved Rebuild action better, which includes hundreds of billions of clean energy tax credits. But law stalled due to disagreement over what should be included in the final text. With key senators currently discussing a new version For this budget measure, they are required to quickly pass ambitious climate provisions that can unleash the power and scale of the private sector. The type of investment in clean energy allows for increased deployment of new technologies across a variety of sectors – like recycled energytransportation and production – to reach net zero faster and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Ideally, investing more in clean energy would also reduce carbon pollution and promote innovation by:

  • Create hundreds of thousands of new green work every year as we scale up wind, solar, carbon storage, transmission and other low carbon solutions
  • Cleans the air by targeting methane pollution through Methane emission reduction plan
  • Implement measures to encourage and invest in the country clean energy supply chainas well as sustainable production
  • Increase equity and access to clean energy for lower income communities

Business can help lead and innovate new climate solutions, but we cannot achieve the scale of emissions reductions the world needs, nor can we guarantee a resilient energy future. , without government support and leadership.

This includes supporting a new generation of startups focused on tackling climate challenges so their innovations and technologies can drive change more quickly. New climate technologies depend on government incentives and credits to make their solutions cost-competitive in the early stages of development, especially when they are already competing. with inefficient and outdated fossil fuel subsidies. In a recent survey Among climate tech startups, 70% identify new government incentives or subsidies for customers as key to fueling their growth.
Join Salesforce Ventures Impact Fund companies with portfolios like BlocPowertasked with large-scale decarbonization of American cities while generating hundreds of job in construction, technology and management; and Arcadia, uses its software to help companies build climate technology solutions to address their environmental impact. Government can play an important role in promoting and encouraging these types of clean energy innovations.

While the Supreme Court has limited the EPA’s ability to fight climate change, Congress has a unique opportunity, in partnership with business and government, to help deliver the clean energy economy that we can. we need today. I call on Congress to act now during this narrow window of opportunity to create lasting change.

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