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Glass heels are bound to be the hottest shoe trend of the summer — 31 to shop now

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Let me paint the picture for you: It’s your moment — maybe you’re finally tying the knot, you’re on your dream vacation, or you’re just on the dance floor living your best life. Now that you can see the imaginary image, what were you wearing at that time? Given the prospect of a more “normal” summer, that question carries more weight than before. For the first time in two years, travel restrictions have been lifted, the world has slowly begun to manage COVID-19 and the prospect of being able to return to work is something we can grasp. With that new freedom, the ability to imagine fashion again – we can dream about what to wear for a special occasion or new ways to play with makeup. There’s a lot to be excited about, but for me, the moment I’m most excited about is putting on a pair of heels again (and I know I’m not the only one feeling this way). In fact, what started as a form of revenge dressing to make up for all the lost time has found its real place in the footwear trend. Yes, we’ve all seen buzz about other risqué trends (think: mini skirts or cutouts), and we’ve even had cultural conversations around accepting the ethos of the times. The most popular page (ahem, wearing villains) but no other trend has captured the fashion set’s full attention like footwear. From the rise of idyllic Princess-inspired shoes, sky-high sandals, or overly girly barbie doll shoes, we’re all basically living Carrie’s wildest fantasy Bradshaw. Considering the climate, it’s only a matter of time before another shoe trend emerges, and the latest trend to happen is glass heels. If you’re wondering what exactly this style is, fret not. Up front, we’re breaking down what they are, how to wear them, why we bet they’ll be big this summer, and we’ve rounded up 31 of the best glass heels to shop for. now. Warning: these glass heels can pierce your heart.

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So what exactly are glass heels? They’re not Cinderella’s iconic glass sandals at all (although the trend is princess-inspired), they’re derived from an explosion of barbie dolls and platform heels. . However, unlike its predecessors, the glass heels were deemed too dangerous to receive Disney approval. What makes a glass heel come back to the heel itself — its heel is made from mostly opaque acrylic, lucite, or vinyl to give the illusion of being glass. And while this shoe trend can sometimes resemble other popular styles (they also feature common design elements like PVC, oversized bows, and crystals), upon closer inspection you’ll see that this type of shoe has more angles.

glass heel trend 300755 1656106543119
In fact, when this type of shoe first made a comeback, there were still stigmas attached to the heel evident because of the style’s association with sex workers. However, as luxury footwear designers such as Amina Muaddi and Mach & Mach advocate and modernize controversial formal styles, it is clear that any stigma previously attached to transparent shoes both smoke and mirrors. Not only are these shoes super stylish, but the right pair can shatter the expectations that make them the next shoe.

glass heel trend 300755 1656106885856
At this point, you might be thinking, “ok, that’s cute and all, but how exactly do I wear a pair of glass heels?” Well, it’s easier than you think. You don’t need prom dresses (unless that’s your prerogative) and you don’t even need a prince charming, you just have to get creative with your look. Think of this shoe styling as a kind of glassy situation rife with possibilities.

glass heel trend 300755 1656107295188
The key to making glass heels work is to take a cue from the fashion set and treat this shoe as if it were an everyday shoe. Why not pair it with a bikini for a poolside look? Why not spice up an ensemble with glass heels? Or style loose jeans and an oversized button-down top with your see-through heels? There’s no limit to how much you can style this shoe, so just remember you’ll look like a tall glass of water all summer.

glass heel trend 300755 1656107328773

glass heel trend 300755 1656101413596
Pair these with a sparkly bikini, and you’ll shine all summer.

glass heel trend 300755 1656101720370
It’s about giving the barbie doll in the best possible way.

glass heel trend 300755 1656097099723
Strap sandals are nothing new, but this glass heel makes it something entirely different.

glass heel trend 300755 1656110041822
Everything about this shoe is perfection – the glass wedge, camel suede and ankle laces.

glass heel trend 300755 1656097733795
It’s luxurious.

glass heel trend 300755 1656101888468
Disco shoes, done right.

glass heel trend 300755 1656097458826
The contrasting glass heel on this slip-on sandal is gorgeous.

glass heel trend 300755 1656102828171
Imagine this pair styling a pair of comfy pants and a waistcoat — so cute, right?

glass heel trend 300755 1656109989879
Ok, but how cool is the shape of this heel?

glass heel trend 300755 1656110340672
Is it just me, or does the pointed toe on the wedge seem as sharp as a shard of broken glass?

glass heel trend 300755 1656102710882
When life gives you glasses, turn them into lemon-colored sandals.

glass heel trend 300755 1656101393062
Allow us to pause for a moment to admire the sharp angles on this heel.

glass heel trend 300755 1656101216378
These aren’t just old blue glass heels; they are connoisseurs.

glass heel trend 300755 1656110113088
Note the pretty buckles on these sandals.

glass heel trend 300755 1656103239762
Cinderella vibes.

glass heel trend 300755 1656103216248
It’s shiny.

glass heel trend 300755 1656106609949

glass heel trend 300755 1656105540956
Cult Gaia always understood the mission.

glass heel trend 300755 1656110455328
Prepare to turn heads with these bad boys.

glass heel trend 300755 1656110547775
It was a need, not a wish for me.

glass heel trend 300755 1656104384720

glass heel trend 300755 1656109978915
Sorry as I stare at these wedges for the rest of my life.

glass heel trend 300755 1656110633295
The green heel on these Staud sandals is giving me life.

glass heel trend 300755 1656110747318
You can wear these to a wedding or just for fun.

glass heel trend 300755 1656110829989
Who says glass heels have to be uncomfortable? These mules will give you the best of both worlds.

glass heel trend 300755 1656104925854
I mean, how could you not love these?

glass heel trend 300755 1656110918089
The crystal mesh trim paired with the transparent heel of these mules is pure magic.

glass heel trend 300755 1656105122142
This color!

glass heel trend 300755 1656111018373
The glass heel on this sandal gives a whole new meaning to the term wearable art.

glass heel trend 300755 1656105088068
Crystal lacing and a glass heel? Count me in.

glass heel trend 300755 1656105741615
You will wear these all the time.

glass heel trend 300755 1656105307159
Glitter is always a good idea.

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