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15 Simple Tricks to Help You Sleep in the Heat

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DO: Depending on how committed you are to the cause (or how sleep-deprived you feel), putting your linens in the fridge or freezer for 10 minutes before bed can help reduce the heat a lot: “If you get pushed into refrigerator space, Robinson recommends. It is the cool side of the pillow.

DO NOT: Buy a cheap fan. The cheaper the fan, the more likely you are to hear it, which is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. Dyson’s Purifier Cool is a great choice because it works quietly, quickly cooling the room and removes 99.5% of airborne pollutants — from bacteria and allergens to formaldehyde in carpets and floors. Fresh air and cool body = sweet dreams.

Dyson Filter Cooling Fan Autoreact TP7A

DO: Invest in good quality bedding with a high cotton count to ensure what you’re sleeping on is as breathable as possible. “The natural fibers allow air to move freely and circulate through the fabric, helping to keep you cooler throughout the night,” says Robinson. Linen is even better because it is extremely breathable. Try Piglet bedding and nightwear, as well as Deiji Studios for luxurious linen pajamas.


Deiji Studios 03 linen shirt and shorts

Image may contain: clothes, suit, pants and top

Piglet in cami bed linen

slide 6

Piglet in Bed Striped Luna Pack before going to bed

DO: “A simple trick is to take a cold shower right before bed, as it lowers body temperature,” says Robinson. If you don’t like cold showers (Kate Winslet is a fan), try using warm water, as it will still lower body temperature.

DO NOT: Drink alcohol. “You’re just dehydrated before a long, hot night,” says Robinson, who recommends drinking half a liter of water shortly before bed, to avoid having to wake up at night.

DO: Sleep alone: ​​”Not only can our partner annoy us at night, but the extra body heat makes it harder to fall asleep,” says Robinson, who also points out that sleeping alone means You can stretch, which helps your body get rid of the heat.

DO NOT: Eating too much protein, as it speeds up the metabolism, causes the body to heat up.

DO: Make sure you have a well-made mattress, for what you sleep above Just as important as what you sleep In. “The mattress you sleep on can affect your temperature throughout the night. Look for mattresses made with smart fibers like Purotex and Tencel, says Robinson, because they have excellent cooling properties. Check out the Sealy range for examples.

slide 2

Soft sealy cotton blanket

slide 8

Therapedic Tencel Perfect Temperature King Bed Mattress

DO NOT: Exercise late at night. “It raises the body’s core temperature, making it much harder to fall asleep in hot weather. I recommend choosing to exercise first thing in the morning to kick-start your metabolism and help you feel ready to rest in the evening,” advises Robinson.

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