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Inside Platform’s One Year Anniversary at the Bowery Hotel

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I find art parties scary at times, but I’m completely captivated by the subculture of the high-end art market and the young people that make its world go around. The masterminds behind Platform, the online art retailer backed by David Zwirner, are changing that often discouraged narrative to make it more accessible to learn and buy art.

“Platform is making art much easier to understand and buy for the world who understands art as physical objects that have existed for many years,” said Bettina Huang, co-founder of Platform. century. “What is really exciting in just this first year is that we can see that this is an experience that resonates with the people who already know and love and buy the artwork as well as those who have thought about it but never thought of. They might buy it, never know how, or even think about acting on it. “

A year of efforts to meet technology, fine arts, Platform celebrated its one year anniversary at the Bowery Hotel and looked back at the early successes of the highly regulated market. “There’s a drive to democratize and make it as accessible as possible, but with this dynamic it’s management at the top – so bring out the best and that’s really the meeting of the minds,” said Lucas Zwirner, co-founder of the Platform, Vogue. “The gallery has a curatorial feel – we have the best artists, many of them here tonight, many of the best galleries here tonight. How do you connect that technology to make it a seamless delivery? It was a brilliantly successful marriage. ”

The aforementioned artists and galleries in attendance included David Zwirner, Foundation co-founder Marlene Zwirner, Nate Lowman, Tom Anholt, Travis Boyer and Miguel Angel Payano Jr., who mingled under the stars after a day ninety degrees with creations like Richie Shazam, Miranda July, Lazaro Hernandez, Pam Nasr, Brooke Wise, and Rebecca Dayan.

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