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From the G7 to the Gentleminions, Everybody Has a POV on the Suit and Tie

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For Willa Bennett, the recently appointed Highsnobiety editor-in-chief, who wears a vest and tie as part of her everyday uniform, the trend exists at the intersection of nostalgia (old Armani suits) dictionary has appeared in many Instagram archives), search for a unique Personal style is fueled by social media and Gen Z’s tendency to question dress codes. “This younger generation is questioning too much of the structure inherent in fashion, gender and identity,” she said, adding that the tie and tailor renaissance stemmed from people experimenting with elements that were once restricted to menswear. “It’s just a reflection of the generation and how they question all of this,” she said.

Generation Z is naturally more open and welcoming to gender expressions, which makes their subversion more organic than intentional, as has been the case with millennials. century like me. What once felt blatantly subversive, like women wearing suits and ties or men swapping out shirts and ties for blouses with bow ties, is now just self-expression. Suits are now just another collection option, not a uniform, especially for companies that are re-imagining office life. So perhaps for Gen Z it’s more about skipping the patriarchy without caring more about simply wearing what they want. (Which way, in today’s political climate, just do what one wants To be a statement, more so as a woman, gay, and/or person of color.)

The vest was once an inseparable object, an inseparable object of company workers. Remember one of the first times Mr. Big appeared in Sex and the city? After encountering Carrie, he disappears into a sea of ​​clothes on the streets of Manhattan. That landscape has changed. When a Vogue A colleague asked her “big law” friends if they would wear suits and ties to work, with one replying that no one really wears a tie outside of court “unless you are a extremely eccentric people.”

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