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A Look Back at Julia Roberts’s Best Hair Moments of All Time

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There’s hair, and then there’s Julia Roberts hair. The Oscar-winning actress may be celebrated for her million-dollar smile, but over the years, she’s proven that her shape-shifting mane will always make a statement.

When Roberts first hit the Hollywood stage in the late ’80s, her natural curls were dyed a golden auburn and, true to the happy spirit of the decade’s hairspray, were heavenly. provocative. In the 90s, like Beautiful Woman She shot to international fame in a flash, she started lightening things up to match her natural blonde color before cutting her bust length into a full ponytail. ruffled pixie in both hot crimson and platinum. Blame it on the “The Rachel” effect, but the mid-’90s saw her start to adopt shoulder-swept, face-to-face styles that ranged from chic fringed lob hairstyles to chocolate-colored bobs. many layers of gloss. Among her most iconic moments is the soft, twisted knot (and fuzzy underarm hair) she wore to the movie’s premiere. Notting Hill in 1997, embodying the era’s easy, never-overwhelming beauty point.

In keeping with the Y2K style’s enthusiasm for flat irons, Roberts wore pinstriped tunics that turned sideways while oscillating between vibrant reds, deep browns and golden hues. needle. It was in the mid-2000s that she began to show the cascade of waves that became her signature. By 2009, Roberts had been looking at a California sun-kissed blonde bit by bit before reverting to bolder shades of red until the 2014 Oscars, where she debuted her job dyeing her hair platinum blonde. new. But today, in 2022, Roberts is back to that gorgeous glorious era that first dazzled fans in the ’80s. What’s more: Her red Pre-Raphaelite mane is as thick as ever. .

Here’s a look back at every not-to-be-missed moment in Julia Roberts’ hair from the late ’80s to the present.

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