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Races to watch at Illinois Primary

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Illinois has been more bleak in recent elections, as historically Republican suburbs in Chicagoland have increasingly turned to Democrats.

Republicans had hoped to reverse some of these gains, but the influence and preferences of the party’s rural base in this week’s primaries could make that difficult.

Meanwhile, the state will accommodate the fact that the Democratic-controlled legislature has dramatically redrawn the constituency map that has placed several House incumbents in the same districts.

Democratic Governor JB Pritzker, the billionaire hotel heir, is seeking a second term. Pritzker has had an eventful tenure, working with the Democratic majority of the legislature to enact liberal laws and lead the state despite the coronavirus pandemic – but also fueling discontent among those Conservative Republicans, especially in areas outside of Chicagoland.

Billionaire Ken Griffin – a longtime Republican supporter of Pritzker – has spent millions trying to promote Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin in the GOP primaries. Irvin, who is Black and holds moderate positions, is seen by many as a strong candidate in the general election.

“Bailey would be a suburban disaster and hurt Republicans voting,” said Kent Redfield, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Illinois-Springfield. “If Irvin loses and Griffin decides not to support the Republican candidates in the general election, then the Democrats can retain their majority in the legislature and their control over all of them. offices across the state. Irvin may be the Republicans’ last chance to start turning the tide.”

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In an unexpected move, Griffin announced just days before the trial that he was moving his hedge fund from Chicago to Miami, citing crime and other social ills. It is not clear if this announcement will have any impact on the primary or general election.

Meanwhile, several other Republicans were present in the primary vote: former State Senator Paul Schrimpf, construction company CEO Gary Rabine, and lawyer and pastor Max Solomon.

First-term Democratic incumbent Attorney General Kwame Raoul, who is from Chicago, was the favorite headline in November, but the GOP has a competitive primary with the potential to produce a credible candidate. .

A credible candidate would be Steve Kim, a moderate Asian-American backed by Griffin. But first, Kim will have to overcome two other Republicans: Tom Devore, a pro-Trump attorney who has filed numerous unsuccessful lawsuits against Pritzker and the state government, and David Shestokas, who worked with Rudy Giuliani to expose electoral conspiracies after the 2020 presidential race.

Having Devore or Shestokas as attorney general nominees alongside Bailey for governor “will strengthen the Democratic narrative that the Republican Party in Illinois has become a radical, conservative, Trump party,” said Redfield. speak. “It will have Democrats in full offensive mode in the fall and Republican-controlled parties running for cover.”

A Chicago Sun-Times/WBEZ poll showed Kim and DeVore running evenly, with many voters still undecided on the race.

Unlike most states, Illinois does not delegate election administration to its secretary of state. Instead, this position handles matters such as motor vehicle registration and the operation of state archives and libraries.

However, this place in history remains a political stepping stone. Three of the four occupiers since the mid-1970s were later elected to higher office: Democrat Alan Dixon as US Senator, and Republicans Jim Edgar and George Ryan as governors.

The incumbent since 1999, Democrat Jesse White, is retiring this year and the seat he left has attracted a large pool of credible candidates from both parties.

The leading Democratic primaries are former State Treasurer and unsuccessful US Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias, Chicago City Clerk Anna Valencia and Chicago Alderman David Moore.

Republicans cast their primary vote for Representative Dan Brady against former federal prosecutor John Milhiser. Analysts say the secretary of state could turn out to be Republicans’ best chance to win a statewide election this year.

National Assembly of District 1

Longtime Democratic Representative Bobby Rush – the only politician to ever defeat Barack Obama, eight years before Obama was elected president – is about to retire. This vacancy in the Democratic, black-rich district has drawn a long list of Democratic hopefuls to the primaries.

Rush has authentication Karin Norington-Reaves, former leader of the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, but there are 17 other candidates in the race, including State Senator Jacqueline Collins, Chicago Alderman Pat Dowell, Father Chris Butler, and Professor Jonathan Jackson, son of civil rights activist Jesse Jackson.

Whoever wins the preliminary is the one with the key to win the seat in November.

3rd congressional district

As a result of the district redistricting, incumbent Democratic Representative Marie Newman has decided not to run for office in this redrawn district, currently the second most Hispanic district in the district. Chicago area.

The open seat remains Democrats, and four candidates are vying for the party’s nomination.

The the forerunner in the race were State Representatives Delia Ramirez and Alderman Gilbert Villegas. Ramirez has received support from key progressive national figures and from nearby Democratic Representative Chuy Garcia, while Villegas is seen as more moderate. Villegas was confirmed by former US Congressman Luis Gutierrez, as well as White, the outgoing secretary of state.

6th congressional district

District 6, which covers part of suburban Chicago, is the site of one of two House incumbents versus incumbents in Illinois this year. In this contest, Newman is running against his Democratic counterpart Sean Casten, whose districts have now merged into one.

Like the 3rd district race, this one pits a progressive Newman against moderate Casten. Casten leads the way in fundraising.

The area leans toward Democrats, but not too much, making it a competitive area for a general election.

GOP there are six candidatessome of them could be credible fall contenders if they win the nomination: Energy Advisor Niki Conforti, Orlando Park Mayor Keith Pekau, Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso, engineer and law Scott Kaspar, real estate expert Catherine O’Shea and businessman Rob Cruz.

National Assembly of District 13

This newly created county – which includes parts of central Illinois, including Champaign, Decatur and Springfield – is considered a rare county outside of the Chicago area that Democrats can win. The Democrats do have the edge, but it’s close enough for the region to be competitive in November, especially if the national political climate continues to lean in favor of the GOP.

Two Democrats are running for election in elementary school: Nikki Budzinski, who worked in the Biden administration’s Office of Management and Budget and was an assistant to Pritzker and Hillary Clinton, and David Palmer, a small business owner and former professional basketball player is running with a more progressive record.

Four Republicans were on the ballot: philanthropist Regan Deering, engineer and nonprofit executive Matt Hausman, founder of the nonprofit public broadcasting agency Terry Martin, and Jesse Reising , an attorney who has worked for the US Department of Justice and in the private sector.

Congressional District 14

The seat is held by Democratic Representative Lauren Underwood, who won only narrowly in 2020. She is favored for re-election but will likely face a competitive race in the fall.

Five Republicans are running in the pre-qualifications to take on Underwood: Kendall County Councilmember Scott Gryder, military veteran and talk show host Mike Koolidge, pro-Trump businessman and activist Jack Lombardi, County Republican Party head Kendall Jim Marter and executive producer Jaime Milton.

15th congressional district

This is the other district where two incumbent House members are pitted against each other, in this case a pair of Republicans: Rodney Davis and Mary Miller.

“The district will be represented by a Republican after the general election, but the primaries will determine what kind of Republican,” Redfield said.

While both are campaigning as conservatives, Davis is framing himself as a pro-business candidate while Miller is framing himself as a true pro-business believer. for Trump.

Davis voted with Democrats to form a House Investigative Committee on January 6, which may have spurred Trump to endorse Miller. The former president held a rally outside Quincy, Illinois, to promote Miller’s candidacy.

“Davis has been elected five times to Congress from a conservative, but not hardline area,” said Redfield. By contrast, “Miller won in a very conservative, tough, righteous rural county.”

District consists of rural areas of central and southern Illinois, with Democratic-leaning urban areas located further away from the area. It is solid Republican.

National Assembly of District 17

Democrats redesigned the borough to link several metropolitan areas outside of Chicago, including Rockford, Quad Cities, Peoria, Bloomington and Normal. It will be highly competitive in November, especially since Democratic Representative Cheri Bustos decided to retire, leaving her seat without an incumbent.

The six Democrats are running in the preliminary round: Rock Island County board member, Angie Normoyle, meteorologist Eric Sorensen, former Litesa Wallace, Rockford Alderman Jonathan Logemann, marijuana lobbyist Jacqueline McGowan, and Activist Marsha Williams.

Two Republicans are seeking nominations, both veterans: Charlie Helmick and Esther Joy King.

“Democrats need to keep this seat to get the full benefit of their new congressional map,” said Redfield.

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