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Developer solves infrared power problems, Discom to refund Ardee City residents | Gurgaon News – Times of India

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Gurgaon: Inhabitants of City of Ardee are the first in the state to pay a ‘development fee’ for the tune of Rs 7.78 crore to DHBVN for permanent electrical connection in the town of Area 52 as the developer failed to build the necessary electrical infrastructure.
But with the investor now paying the same amount and depositing a bank guarantee, the electricity unit has decided to refund the money to the residents.
However, because DHBVN could not refund in cash, the Electricity Corporation decided to add the amount collected from residents as “development fee” to their respective electricity bill accounts as an advance for adjustment. money on future electricity bills.
Chatali Mandotra, a resident of Ardee City, says that it all started in May 2018 when they were frustrated with the 7-8 hour daily blackout due to the developer’s failure to build the electricity infrastructure. necessary, needs. “Followed by a series of street protests against the developer who made an electrical connection of only 4 MW against the required load of 13 MW for a society with 2,600 homes.”
After many rounds of protests and discussions, DHBVN conducted a survey and made a report on the inadequacy of Rs 7,78 crore.
Praveen Yadav, RWA President of the City of Ardee, said, “DHBVN has conditioned that they will take over the colony after completing the necessary electrical infrastructure. We have agreed to jointly pay the above amount with the assurance that we will get a refund when and when DHBVN will recover it from the developer. Each family had to pay Rs 27,000 and DHBVN collected that amount in 10 EMIs added to the electricity bill”.
RWA then applied to switch from single point to multipoint connection and from June 2018 residents started receiving individual connections. In September 2018, DHBVN started the process of taking over the colony – this is the first private developer colony in Gurgaon taken over by DHBVN. And from mid-2019, DHBVN began to collect development fees in installments with each invoice.
In the meantime, DHBVN has stopped providing any new connections to the Ardee City developer and the power connection to Ardee City Mall has been suspended. By the end of 2021, the investor has deposited a bank guarantee in accordance with regulations and provided land for DHBVN to build a 33KV substation.
On the other hand, residents began to pressure discom for refunds, and in May 2022, a lawsuit was filed on DHBVN’s consumer complaints forum.
Mr. Chaitali said: “We have finally been informed that DHBVN has approved the refund and that our amount will be adjusted to future electricity bills.
When contacted, DHBVN’s operating engineer, Kuldeep Nehra, said that according to the current load, Ardee City Infrastructure Ltd is responsible for building a 33KV substation in the area to serve the electricity demand.
He said: “The investor has provided a bank guarantee and the land needed to build the 33 kV substation has been approved.
“The refund has been approved and the money collected from the residents will be added to their personal electricity account and they will receive a negative bill from next month,” added Nehra.


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