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Mass shooting in Philadelphia Kills at least 3 people over the weekend due to gun violence

The New York Times : Mass shooting in Philadelphia Kills at least 3 people over the weekend due to gun violence

A scuffle between at least two men turned a busy Philadelphia street into a scene of horror Saturday night after they pulled out guns and began shooting each other furiously. By the time the gunfire ended, 3 people were dead and 12 others were injured.

Just hours later, in Chattanooga, Tenn., a mass shooting outside a bar sent people fleeing in panic. Three people were also killed there, one of whom was hit by a car, and 14 were injured, most of whom had gunshot wounds.

And at parties in Phoenix, Chester, Va. And Summerton, SC, celebrations turned tragic in the mass shootings that resulted in a total of at least three deaths and 22 injuries, including many children.

Although mass shootings around the country traditionally start to increase as summer approaches, scenes of carnage over the weekend following the massacres in Buffalo, Uvalde, Texas and Tulsa, Okla, prompted towns to The street was shaken, though, amazingly, not shockingly.

“People are afraid to let their kids out of the house,” Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said in an interview. But he added that there was little he could say to reassure residents who were scared or grieving.

“Words are hard,” said Mr. Kenney. “Words have become meaningless today.”

As of Sunday night, police in his city had reported no arrests. Earlier in the day, used bullet casings were still strewn across South Street as investigators searched for more clues. The blood-like marks on the ground, along with the blue ribbon on the storefront marking the bullet holes, make this area, one of Philadelphia’s most popular nightlife spots, like a war zone.

The night before, hundreds of people were present at the district’s bars, restaurants and music venues. Joe Pepe was dining out with his girlfriend and friends at Paddy Whcks, an Irish bar on South Street, a few blocks from where the shooting took place. The energy was ferocious at dusk, he said, with what appeared to be hundreds of teenagers on busy streets, gathering in groups and dancing on top of cars.

“The kids were running to the roofs of parked cars, and all of us trying to enjoy the evening felt uncomfortable,” said Mr Pepe, 33.

Meghan Ford, who was working at a bar near the area of ​​the shooting, said that early in the evening shift, “something happened”, with hordes of teenagers and uproar motion.

Then, fights broke out. And at around 11:30 p.m., video from the scene captured what happened next: a series of gunshots, screams, and people running.

Police said patrol officers not far away ran to the sound of gunfire, and one started shooting at one of the gunmen, possibly hitting him. But he dropped his shotgun and tried to run down a side street and disappear.

Jin Chen, who was working as a cashier Saturday night at Ishkabibble’s, a cheese restaurant on South Street, said he heard several gunshots.

“I heard five or more shots, and then people started running,” Chen, 19, said by phone Sunday. In the crowd, he added, “They’re screaming.”

When there was a ceasefire, it was a scene of devastation. Officers at the scene saw “several civilians with gunshot wounds lying on the street,” Danielle M. Outlaw, the Philadelphia police commissioner, said at a news conference Sunday.

Three of the 14 people shot were killed: Kristopher Minners, 22, Alexis Quinn, 27, and Gregory Jackson, 34, who also went by the Japanese nickname. Police said a fight between one of the victims and another male could be the “source” of the shooting.


The 11 others shot were all aged 17 to 69, Commissioner Outlaw said, adding that their conditions ranged from stable to critical.

According to police, another person was injured by broken glass. Two guns were recovered from the scene, they said.

Mr. Kenney, who was in Reno, Nev., for the weekend to attend a meeting of the US Conference of Mayors, said he had been told that there were five gunmen and that a ghost gun – a kind of gun The gun cannot be tracked regularly. assembled from one set – among those already in use.

The shooting was the 10th in Philadelphia during Friday and Saturday, according to Gun Violence Archives, a non-profit organization dedicated to tracking shooting deaths. The other nine shootings had only one victim; one person leads to death. Another shooting on South Street, Tuesday, injured one person.

On Sunday, many in Philadelphia were just beginning to deal with the shooting, including Devon Howell. As a teenager, Howell, now 20, took boxing classes with one of the victims, Mr. Jackson, whom he called Coach G.

He was a disciplined coach, a devoted father and a man who “just took care of everyone around him,” said Mr Howell, recalling how Mr Jackson roller-skated in the boxing gym and regularly took Little girl goes to work.

“Honestly, he’s one of the most amazing people you can meet in your entire life,” said Mr Howell. “He never had any problems with anyone.”

Another victim, Mr. Minners, was a second- and sixth-grade boarding counselor at Girard College, a boarding school in Philadelphia.

“He has a kind heart. Richard Perdomo, a colleague who has known Mr Minners since he was six years old and is a student at the school himself, said there was nothing he wouldn’t do for anyone. He described Mr. Minners as loved by the children in his care.

“This is going to crush them,” he said, adding that Mr Minners celebrated his birthday just days ago. “This is really, really painful.”

“What a waste,” he added. “He’s got his whole life in front of him.”

The devastation in Philadelphia was not an isolated case this weekend. In Chattanooga, where 14 people were shot during an altercation at a neighborhood bar, two died from gunshot wounds and another died after being hit by a car while fleeing, said Sheriff Celeste. Murphy, said at a press conference.

Two other people fleeing the shooting were also hit by the vehicle, she said. The condition of the victims was not immediately released, but the sheriff said some were in critical condition.

Police are hunting for multiple assailants, but the motive for the shooting, reported at around 2:42 a.m., was not immediately clear.

On Sunday afternoon, McCalie Avenue, where some of the victims were hit by cars, was covered in dark slips, and the tight parking lot of the bar, Mary’s Bar and Grill, was filled with bottles of Hennessy and Bud. Light is broken. , along with a broken rhinestone necklace. Vibrant yellow, orange and blue flowers are placed in the corner of the wall in memory of the lives lost.

A former bartender at Mary’s, who declined to be named and lives nearby, called the bar a community staple. She said she returned home shortly after the shooting ended and saw a victim – a young woman who was a friend of a friend – on the street, covered in a tarp. She said the body was not taken away until after 9:30 a.m.

Saterda Smith, who lost her 20-year-old son in a shooting incident near Mary’s in 2015, was part of a small group of mothers from the anti-violence group Moms Demand Action that organized a protest in the area. .

“These people have children! And now their children have to ask, ‘Where is your mother?’ “Enough is enough,” said Mrs. Smith.

Gun Violence Archive has There have been more than 240 mass shootings this year so far, defined as one in which four or more people were killed or injured. Mass shootings in the United States increased sharply during the pandemic.

This weekend’s violence also included mass shootings that occurred at parties in Virginia, Arizona and South Carolina.

At a party late Friday in Chester, Va., about 20 miles south of Richmond, 20-year-old Taborri J. Carter of Petersburg was killed and seven others wounded in a barrage of more than 50 shots. from at least four weapons, local authorities said.

The injured included five men and a boy aged 16 to 21 who were shot, and two girls, aged 16 and 17, were hit by a vehicle while fleeing the shooting.

Early Saturday in Phoenix, gunfire broke out at a strip mall parking lot party, killing a 14-year-old girl and injuring eight people, all with gunshot wounds. , the police said.

And in Summerton, SC, one person was killed and seven others injured during a graduation party Saturday night, the sheriff’s office in Clarendon County, SC, said in a statement.

The two cars were towed to a residence in town, about 77 miles northeast of Charleston. The sheriff’s office said one was traveling on the highway and the other was approaching a yard containing about 150 people. Shots were fired, but it was unclear whether the attackers were targeting a specific person or the shooting was random, the statement said.

The sheriff’s office said a total of eight victims, including a 12-year-old, five teenagers and two adults, were shot. A 32-year-old woman died on Sunday morning.

“This appears to be a gang-related incident stemming from previous drive-by shootings in other parts of the county,” the sheriff’s office said.

As violence raged over the weekend, senators in Washington continued to work to reach a compromise on legislation that would expand the nation’s background check system as well as allocate money to health resources. psychiatry, school security and “red flag” law enforcement across the states.

Two veterans of failed negotiations in the past – Senators Christopher S. Murphy of Connecticut, a Democrat, and Patrick J. Toomey of Pennsylvania, a Republican – said in interviews. separately on Sunday that they believe they are closer to an agreement than previously. efforts.

“This is a test of the federal government as to whether we’ve addressed the acute anxiety of the American public, so we’re closer than ever,” Murphy said on CNN. “.

Mr. Murphy conceded that an assault weapons ban and general background check legislation would not be part of the final compromise to win the required Republican votes, even if House Democrats standard. forced a series of votes on individual gun bills with no Republican support.

Toomey, who has seen his party document the background check deal he helped make with Democrats after the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Conn., in 2012, said he expect to see at least half of the Republican convention in the Senate support a final. agreement.

Back in Philadelphia, Mr. Chen, the cashier, was simply preparing to return to business as usual. Although the attack there worried him, he wasn’t entirely surprised by it, given other recent shootings around the US.

“It happens all the time,” said Mr. Chen. “You just go on with your day.”

Reporting contributed by Stacy M. Brown, Cari Wade Gervin, Vimal Patel, Tiffany May, Christopher Mele, Emily Cochrane, Mitch Smith and Dakota Santiago. Kitty Bennett research contributions.

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