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Lizzo Wants to Get in the Studio With Coldplay’s Chris Martin: “We Just Gotta Do It”

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Image source: YouTube user Lizzo Music

Lizzo and Chris Martin may be each other’s biggest fans. The “Damn Time” singer released her album “Special” on July 15, which included a sampled song by Coldplay named after the band as a tribute to the sudden hit. destroy their 2000 “Yellow”. Prior to the album’s release, Lizzo sat down for an interview with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe, which Martin interrupted with a surprise FaceTime call to commend the singer for her praise of his team.

“Listen, the song doesn’t have to come out with you and me, we just have to.”

“This is what I wanted to do because the song is so good, and Chris is so beautiful, and you’re so beautiful, I think we’re going to have a nice moment,” Lowe told Lizzo of the surprise. Recalling his conversation with the presenter, Martin told an excited Lizzo “of course” he would call because “I love you and you’re amazing.” “You’re doing great and are taking over,” he added. “Great.”

The Emmy-nominated star responded to Martin with kind words by asking him what would happen to them next. “You wrote me a song?” she requested, and suggested that they collaborate to record a song together. “Listen, the song doesn’t have to come out with you and me, we just have to do it,” she said. “If we sit in the studio and we just work – you play the piano, I’ll sing… Don’t nobody must know, Chris. “The Coldplay singer said, ‘I don’t mind people knowing’, so there’s a good chance a Lizzo and Coldplay collaboration could become a reality one day!

In her interview, Lizzo also thanked Martin for “giving me good luck singing samples and naming a song after your band.” Lowe noted that he had a feeling Martin had been waiting for an artist to “do Kanye like that, speed up the vocal production technique” on one of his songs, and Lizzo confirmed that she wanted to participate. take that challenge. “I just want. That song, ‘Look at the stars, see how they shine for you,'” she sings the lyrics of “Yellow”. “I was with someone and I was just looking at the stars. I sang it, and tears came to my eyes. You have an amazing ability to move people with your lyricism.” , she told Martin . “Thank you very much.”

Martin asked Lizzo about her “boyfriend’s” reaction to her serenade, and the singer laughed: “He liked it when I sang Coldplay to him.” Martin added, “If someone had told me 22 years ago, you know, one day Lizzo would make this song quickly, I’d say, ‘OK, great,'” he speak. “It became Lizzo’s hookup song. It’s so good.”

See more of Lizzo and Martin’s sweet encounter ahead.

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