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The Best Hot Dog Toppings, Ranked

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The Best Hot Dog Toppings, Ranked

Sausage season is upon us. Summer is the perfect time to have a barbecue (or head to the park there’s one you can use for free) and start slinging. Whether you’re a beef or pork lover doesn’t really matter. It’s all in the top section. While some people may be satisfied with less than a little bit of high-fructose corn syrup ketchup, others need a generous sprinkle of onions to truly reach hot dog nirvana. And while I respect all people who choose to dress their dogs differently than mine, I won’t hesitate to inform you that you are, in fact, wrong.

That’s why I decided to rank some of the most popular sausages, starting with the ones we wanted that didn’t even find our way to the chef. Read to the end if you want to discover the best of the best, toppings will elevate your hot dog from a simple sandwich to a true culinary masterpiece.

Listen, I have nothing against chili, but does it belong to a dog? Not really. Chili peppers are an iconic winter food, served hot in a tube, preferably with plenty of melted cheese on top. How could it possibly belong to the epitome of the summer dish, the hot dog? Plus, I don’t understand why anyone would think hot dogs, a meat-focused dish, would be best complemented by more of the hot meat above. Sorry to all chili dog lovers, but this is not it.

There is no one on this planet who loves pickles as much as I do. And that’s why I’m vehemently opposed to pickles in most of its forms. There is absolutely no reason that this salty, sour dish should be discarded when adding sugar. The enjoyment of sweet pickles is really limiting my existence, and to be honest, I can’t even believe it’s allowed to exist. Pickles on your sausage? Weird, but give it a try. I fully support you. But you’ll never enjoy the hot dog party I host.

In 2016, just two years before Anthony Bourdain’s death, the culinary giant sat down for a meal with President Obama in Hanoi, Vietnam, and asked him if ketchup with sausages would ever be served. accept or not. Obama appropriately replied: “No. I mean. It’s one of those things — let me put it this way, it’s unacceptable to be over eight years old. Regardless of how you feel about the former president, he was absolutely right on this one: Baby ketchup. Expand your hot dog topping vocabulary.

This is a controversial one, and I’m sure many people out there would refuse to try it. Peanut butter on sausage isn’t my favorite topping, but it’s not as raw as it sounds. I think the important thing to remember here is that you’ll want to find a peanut butter that’s saltier than sweet. Natural peanut butter seems to be your best bet, especially if you find something fatty enough to wet the dog. If you’ve never tried it before and you’re brave enough to try it, you might be surprised to learn that it’s not that bad.

For all the spice lovers out there, this is a no-brainer. Jalapeños taste great with just about anything, and hot dogs are no exception. Some may prefer raw jalapeños, which is certainly possible, but personally, I prefer my pickled jalapeños instead. Not only do they provide plenty of spice, but they also have a lovely acidity to them, which works well for the dog’s palatability. The only word of warning here is that jalapeños aren’t great – they need a saucy carrier to reach their true potential.

Maybe I’m biased because sauerkraut is one of my all-time favorites. How can you not love fermented cabbage? I know it’s not for everyone, but in my opinion a sweet and sour vegetable is just what a hot dog needs. Pile really high to turn your plain, boring dog into a crisp, majestic symbol of pure, unrestricted summer fun.

No matter what other coating you’re putting on your sausage, raw onions are a must-have in my house. The white diced onion is my onion of choice, but I wouldn’t mind a purple onion or even a chopped green onion. Sausage alone can be rather bland, but raw onions provide a crunchy and rich flavor just right to make the most boring dog a summer dream come true.

Finally, we come to the best, most authentic condiment of all: mustard. Raw onions are essential to any sausage dish, and sauerkraut and jalapeños can only make them tastier. But the truth is, no hot dog is complete without the addition of mustard. You can go a few different directions here. Dijon is my first choice because I’m nasty, and if I can make it grainy, that’s even better. But I certainly don’t object to plain yellow mustard either. In my humble opinion, that wonderful yellow sauce is essential to every piece of sausage.

Samantha Maxwell is a food writer and editor based in Boston. Follow her on Twitter at @samseating.

I am passionate about journalism and using new technology to spread news. I am also interested in politics and economics, and I am always looking for ways to make a difference in the world. I am the CEO of Janaseva News, and I am 24 years old.

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