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5 Burning Questions We Still Have About GLOW

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5 Burning Questions We Still Have About GLOW

5 years ago today, THE LIGHT (The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling to the uninitiated) premieres on Netflix. The comedy film is a fictionalized version of a reality series, is set in the 1980s and features a fun, complex cast consisting mainly of women. It’s one of the few shows I can count on to make me laugh and cry in almost every episode as the characters end up on both literal and metaphorical levels.

Despite being renewed for a fourth season, the show was canceled in October 2020 due to the pandemic and high production costs, according to Limit line. Based on The Hollywood ReporterCost THE LIGHT went up to $8 to $12 million per episode, and that was before PPE. They also fear that the three-year gap between the third season in 2019 and the fourth in 2022 will be too long. Happy enough, Strange things have the same gap between the third and fourth seasons and follow The Wall Street Journalcost about $30 million dollars per episode in Season 4. While THE LIGHT never a blockbuster Strange things still, its fan base remains loyal (the series even created a mini comics!) and Netflix’s spending priorities remain questionable. Also — may I remind you that Kate Bush is “Run up that hill“Features in the last episode of THE LIGHT? Listen, Duffer Brothers.

The show’s third and unwittingly final season leaves us with a lot of questions for the next person to answer, and even if it doesn’t, it’s an interesting world to enter, regardless of the plot. Now let’s dive into five burning questions about THE LIGHT that still haunts us:

The authors of THE LIGHT always knew better than making their relationship and Sam and Ruth’s will-they-or-won’t-last-name at the center of the show, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care. ! In case you forgot, at the end of Season 3, aspiring actor Ruth (Alison Brie) confessed that she was seriously in love with director Sam (Marc Maron), but before they could sleep together. , he told her she was not selected. in the film of his daughter Justine. It’s no surprise that the news isn’t exactly an aphrodisiac, and there’s a big question mark left between them.

Honestly, I’m not picky about whether they decide to get back together or start a romantic relationship; I just love seeing Brie and Maron facing each other. Their arcs range from reluctant co-workers to best friends to… whatever they end up with is compelling enough to watch because of the actors’ chemistry. Ruth is a budding chihuahua, ready to run around with people around her, while Sam is an old dog who just wants to nap in the sun. Who knows, maybe in Season 4 they’ll have a you woman and you vagabond moment, spaghetti and all.

This is a really painful heart. Last we saw, Bash (Chris Lowell), a spoiled rich kid with a heart of gold, struggles with his identity as a gay man and the fact that his wife, Rhonda (Kate Nash), is now was aware of his sexual orientation. However, instead of talking properly about it, Bash tried to settle things by erroneously saying that he just wanted Rhonda and that they should start a family.

It’s obviously not a great idea, and it seems that when Bash went to talk to Rhonda in the finale, she opened up a real conversation, before he led the way with the talk. family (which we don’t even know if she really wants to). In my imagination, they move back to Los Angeles and live happily on their own (while maintaining their marriage to apply for her visa), but of course things will never be that simple. Rhonda clearly loves Bash, even if their marriage is favorable, and there will be real hurt from their breakup. And showing up won’t be easy, especially at the height of the AIDS epidemic. But if anyone can make outsiders feel welcome, it’s the women of THE LIGHT.

Okay, so maybe Ruth isn’t in the movie, but we still want to see how Justine (Britt Baron) and Sam work together on her movie. The father-daughter relationship seems hard to say, but it seems to be solid when we leave them, with Sam officially adopting Justine (for inheritance purposes, he insists) and also favoring Justine. Prioritize her interests when making movies.

Considering Sheila’s renewed interest in acting, it would be great if she was cast in one of the smaller parts in the film, adding another THE LIGHT often to film set scenes and some conflicts between her and Ruth. And while Justine and Sam had a good relationship with each other the last time we saw them, making a movie together could certainly test that.

Yolanda (Shakira Barrera) and Arthie (Sunita Mani) have become a cute couple. Yolanda’s confidence and Arthie’s enthusiasm complement each other very well. And while the pair split in Season 3, in part because Arthie wasn’t comfortable going out, the finale gave us some hope that they could get back together as Arthie proudly accepted her identity. I am a lesbian.

I like the idea of ​​Arthie trying to woo Yolanda and win her back, like only serious Arthie can do. But beyond that, as any weirdo will tell you, it’s entirely possible that they become really close friends who still value each other and stay in touch.

I’ll admit it, I ended up saving the biggest one. This question encapsulates a lot of other questions. When we leave the women of THE LIGHT At the end of Season 3, they all had to part with their own plans as Debbie (Betty Gilpin, the goddess) had to keep her and Bash’s TV station acquisition deal private. However, Debbie told Ruth about it, and the fact that Ruth could become a director, an opportunity she turned down in favor of pursuing her white whale-like acting career. . Carmen also has plans of her own to get started on the wrestling path.

So how will they reunite everyone? Getting the team back together for a montage are some of my favorites, but this will probably take at least an episode or two to get it right. And how will Debbie tempt Ruth to come back — maybe more acting opportunities at the station? Then there’s the prospect of new characters for the ladies to create, as they don’t own the rights to the old ones. Not only is this a great way to freshen up the show, but the women can also distance themselves from the stigmatizing, discriminatory personalities they were originally boxed in. It’s a pity that we were rejected right then.

THE LIGHT streaming on Netflix.

Clare Martin is a cemetery enthusiast and Pastecomedy editor assistant. Go harass her on Twitter @theclaremartin.

I am passionate about journalism and using new technology to spread news. I am also interested in politics and economics, and I am always looking for ways to make a difference in the world. I am the CEO of Janaseva News, and I am 24 years old.

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