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The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2022 (So Far)

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The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2022 (So Far)

Last week we ran down the best games of 2022 so far. That one article didn’t satisfy our bottomless digital media thirst for lists and rankings, so let’s break it all down by console, starting with the Switch. If the Switch is the only system you own, this is the only “best” list you need to read. Note that this was compiled prior to last Friday’s release by Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, the new musou game based on the popular Nintendo strategy series, and therefore it is not considered; If it’s really good, it could make our year-end list.

From big-name Nintendo franchises to small studio wonders, here are the best Nintendo Switch games of 2022 so far.

Don’t do it again Wii Sports may match the great pop culture impact of the original, but it doesn’t have to be. All a game like Nintendo Switch Sports Must be fun, and it pulls that in batches. Bowling and tennis will hook you as much as the Wii versions did 15 years ago, and new additions like volleyball and soccer bring a bit of mechanical depth not found in the classics. It’s not really a game you’ll sit around and play alone, but with a group it’s almost as entertaining as the Wii was back in the 00s.

card Shark review main

shark card not a card game and more of a card cheat game. The first tricks I learned pointed to the need for a rhythm, as the trick needed confidence, not luck. However, once I started drawing pedestrian magic tricks, the world of shark cardexploding trick. I never knew the tricks in the shop were so complicated, but shark card boasts a whopping 28 of them, and they build on top of each other as you start to hit double digits. To add to the tension, you’re always being watched by opponents, who will eventually find enough to trick you, imprison you, or even kill you, which is fun in its own weird game.—Moses Taveras


I need to remind you that I write an unusual column about shooting them upaka shmups — old-fashioned games in which players experiment with some kind of craft or creature or vague Barbarella– inspirational angel on the screen while shooting as many enemies as you can. A staple of any gaming diet in the ’80s, the genre slowly fell out of favor with the masses and persists to this day primarily as a cult curiosity. or nostalgia. sun peak‘s newest heir The 1985 shooter is hard to explain Terra Cresta, it probably won’t restore shmup to the top of the gaming pyramid, but it doesn’t look like it’s trying. It’s a shooting game sure to shoot them fans and the latest high-energy action game from Platinum, the studio behind Bayonetta, Vanquishand Nier: Automata. Terra CrestaIts distinguishing feature is the ability to expand and shrink the power-ups collected throughout the game; instead of just enhancing the ship’s weapons, they can be used as peel orbits the ship and provides a wider range of fire. sun peak honors that concept by allowing players to dock multiple ships together. It’s an exciting new entry in an often overlooked genre, and while everyone else is venturing in Elden Ring For the first time, I shot into space like I’ve done a million times before.


This loving tribute to those who beat multiplayer in the late 80s and early 90s focuses like a laser on the nostalgia of a certain generation. Not only is it based on the Turtle version of the first animated and toy series (complete with original voice actors), the same era that inspired the beloved arcade brawler since 1989; the whole genre is so old that it inevitably feels like a lost game from 30 years ago. If you miss teaming up with your friends to defeat generic thugs and thugs in an animated version of New York City, Shredder’s Revenge will turn back the clock for you. However, it wouldn’t make this list if it were just nostalgia; Shredder’s Revenge adds enough modern tweaks to pull that formula into the 21st century. It’s an example of a game that does what it sets out to do the best it can.

triangle strategy main

Tactical fans have been chasing echoes of Final Fantasy Tactics for more than two decades. Some games are over (hey, Jeanne d’Arc), and although Triangle Strategy not quite getting there, it’s still the closest we’ve come back to those heights in years. It has all the political intrigue, lively characters, and plot twists you’d expect from a game in Tactic pattern, along with the kind of strategic action that will keep your brain working efficiently. It’s a nice introduction to the genre and a solid tribute to one of the best games ever made.

pokemon legends arceus review main2

Pokémon Legend: Arceus Flip a new leaf for the Pokémon franchise. It not only proves that a new game doesn’t need hundreds of new Pokémon and a shiny new area to feel fresh, but it also shows that Game Freak and The Pokémon Company are indeed willing to experiment in games. core Pokémon play. It defies fan skepticism to deliver something truly rare: an ambitious Pokémon game that realizes the dream of so many players to bring everyone’s favorite pocket monsters to life. into life in an open world.—Charlie Wachholz


The third game in Roll7’s arty, lo-fi skateboarding series follows the typical trajectory of a video game series: everything is bigger, longer, deeper. Beefier, even. It has characters. A whole story, even. It’s still essentially the nimble, snappy fool machine OlliOlli has always been for, but with narrative elements and world-building so thoroughly expanded that it doesn’t always feel like the engine itself. elegant puzzle that it ever had. That’s neither good nor bad—depending on your personal taste—but it’s all done with the same appeal and the same great aesthetic for which the series is known. And given that it’s been seven years since we last dipped in a new OlliOlli, this is exciting. World That’s really a welcome thing.

kirby forgotten land Review

I’m not a great lover of Kirby, Nintendo’s adorable little fluff ball, who seems to be appearing in a brand new video game every year. Kirby and the Forgotten Land shouldn’t miss, though. It can be hard for a hardcore non-Kirby to tell the difference between the “mainline” Kirby game and all the different spinoffs he’s in, but just like the main games Mario’s middle is a remarkable piece compared to the miscellaneous games he’s been in, Kirby’s main game entries are where the series really shines. The Forgotten Land innovated by dragging Kirby into the third dimension, and also by introducing a new skill that might reframe the way Kirby interacts with his world but that also feels perfect for him. and the series. After years of breathing in his enemies and stealing their abilities, Kirby can now devour all manner of things and claim their qualities for himself. The Forgotten Land It feels like no Kirby game we’ve played before, but it’s still completely Kirby, unmistakably, with all its colorful charm and snappy difficulty that makes it so. Useful for both young beginners and seasoned veterans. It’s another successful Switch remake of the classic Nintendo line.

citizen sleeper main

You can think about Citizen Sleeper as a kind of digital board game set in a sci-fi setting beset by late-stage capitalism and all the rampant dehumanization that entails. It’s a game of work and death, where the only attraction comes from the relationships we create with other people—yes, the friends we’ve made along the way, but not nearly as trivial or obvious as that sounds. It questions what it means to be one in a system that inherently subjugates humanity to corporations and wealth, and it probably won’t surprise you that the answers it gives not always the most optimistic or uplifting. Here Paste Cameron Kunzelman described it “Melancholy Realism” is part of a trend along with other story-driven games that are largely hostile to capitalism’s dominance and it echoes the inability to think critically about this medium, this industry and, well, every aspect of today’s society without discussing the system-driven impersonal economy. It’s an engaging RPG that respects your time and mind, and is one of this year’s must-play games.


White neon is pure motion. It may look like a first-person shooter—it’s in first person and you shoot a lot—but it all boils down to the constant rush at the heart of the game. Almost every time you shoot a demon, you’ll get whatever kinetic ability it gives you, which you’ll almost immediately use to jump a little higher or dash forward quickly. a little more or throw grenades into the sky dozens of feet high to reach. next platform. You’re not here to shoot, but to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, and filming merely facilitates that. When you fully exploit its flow White neon It’s just as exciting as video games, becoming an extension of your own nervous system as you effortlessly string together while trying to scrape the microseconds of your best time. And on top of its mechanical excellence, it also has a story and cast of characters so well written that I can ignore its unfortunate reliance on anime aesthetics and characters. . White neon combines the elegance of video games and extreme replayability with a story that is truly amazing and surprising, making it most of best game of 2022 so far. This is the only game that finally broke completely Elden Ringhold on me; I haven’t set foot in the Lands Between since I first sprinted through Paradise.

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