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Op India | Aslam Khan becomes Sanjay to lure a Hindu woman

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Despite the strict laws that have been implemented against love jihad, the state of Uttar Pradesh has seen no such drop in the number of such ongoing erotic jihad. In one such case, a girl named Simran Patel was tricked by an Aslam Khan who pretended to be Sanjay to marry her in 2020. Aslam Khan was a resident of Fatehpur while the district belonged to her. Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Simran and Sanjay (Khan) got married on 25 July 2020 at Durga mandir and live together in a rented apartment in Jabalpur. The duo continued their work while they were together. It is known that after 2 years of marriage, Simran discovered that her husband was not a Hindu and that he belonged to the Muslim community. Khan realizes that Simran has discovered the truth. He then left Simran alone in Jabalpur and ran back to Fatehpur on June 30, 2022.

Follow report, Aslam Khan in 2020 moved to Jabalpur to look for work. He got a job at a cement plant where Simran was an employee. The duo met at the cement factory and Khan introduced himself as Sanjay to the victim. They fell in love and the duo decided to get married.

Behind Khan, the girl went to Fatehpur and decided to complain to the police. She went to Fatehpur Police station and shared her plight but the Police did not complain. The girl claims that the defendant cheated and married her and sexually exploited her for two years. The reports mentioned that the Police secured the girl to register the complaint but did not report the incident. The girl returned to her hometown in Maharajpur, Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh.

Recent Cases of Love Jihad in Uttar Pradesh-

This is not the first case of a Hindu woman being tricked and sexually abused by a Muslim. Earlier, on July 11, a case in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly was reported that a young man named Imran had concealed his religious identity to trap a Hindu woman. He pressured her to convert to Islam and marry him. Imran also once raped her and clicked on offensive pictures of her. He then used the photos to blackmail her into eating beef against her will and suggested Namaz.

Also, on June 3 of this year, Waseem Ansari became Ravi Sharma to lure a 21-year-old girl from the Baradari area of ​​Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. The girl sexually assaulted by Ansari blackmailed the victim saying he would post all her private pictures on social media. Izzatnagar police then registered the FIR against the accused.

Recently, in April 2022, an underage girl was raped, blackmailed and taken advantage of by a man named Kasim, who identified himself as Rahul. According to the report, the victim is a girl who is a middle school student, and the defendant approached and lured her to have sex online. He lived in the same neighborhood as the victim and gradually gained her trust, eventually raping her and filming obscene video clips to blackmail her further. He is caught by Police Bareilly and sent to prison.

Besides, there are some similar cases like Love Jihad, where Muslim men are accused of lying about their religious identity to trap non-Muslim women for sexual exploitation, eventually forcibly married and converted to Islam. OpIndia has recorded several such cases over the past few years. In the recent case, Fatehpur Police has yet to register the FIR against defendant Aslam Khan, who claimed to be Sanjay to marry Simran Patel. Patel has submitted his complaint to the Police and asks for justice in the case.

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