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Op India | A dystopian world where Rahul Gandhi is the Prime Minister

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PM Modi has done it again!

Just when the libertarians thought they could take a break from their outrage at his puja and relax in the first cup of water from the Janpath’s mansions, he forced them to rush over. Action stations to outrage again! How dare he create a clawed lion statue?

I know our liberal friends would love to see India burn like Lanka (except in the case of the public setting fire to the house of opposition politician Ranil), let’s let our imaginations run wild. we exaggerate and claim that Rahul Gandhi is our Prime Minister and created this statue and BJP is one of the opposites.

While both parties are perfectly capable of hypocrisy and political hoaxes wrapped in a moral facade, we are more concerned with the reaction of intellectuals, academics and ‘journalists’ ‘ our world famous ‘fearless and independent’.

Opposition leader JP Nadda, in his tweet, said, “Shehzade’s decision to bare the lions’ claws is just a warning that they are planning to impose a state of emergency and save money.” revealing the fascist mentality of the family. We will fight this like we fought in 1975.”

Quick and brutal response.

Rajdeep Sardesai quips that the BJP has run out of ideas and is now explaining petty issues. “When there are so many other issues, why bring up this one? Shubh ratri! “

His wife and independent journalist Sagarika were more scathing – “If the BJP wanted a docile animal, why didn’t they suggest the cow? What a drop from the 56 inch days! “

Varadarajan offers more nuance – “The BJP has once again revealed its patriarchal, fascist DNA. Male lions have no claws but female lions do, especially when they are threatened. By attacking the government on this issue, Nadda proves she’s still alive at 18order century”.

Kavita Krishnan was asked about her reaction. “Sorry, I’m in a hurry from one revolution, I mean TV studio, to another. Anyway, stop this fascist, Sanghi intends to turn a lion into a cow. Cows are eaten, not lions. They eat so they need claws. Back to the Modi school, not WhatsApp! “.

Comrade Yechuri was as usual and wise when criticizing “This only shows that the struggle of the subordinates is not over yet. We support this government from the outside because we want power without the accountability as always and we strongly endorse this decision to change the docile character of the lion. The claws symbolize the fight against Hindutva and superstition like the sickle does on our flag.”

Shekhar Gupta took a whole new perspective in her usual 50-word editorial – “They want to hide their claws and turn lions into vegetarians. After all, the BJP is still an elite party. What would a lion eat without claws? Grass? If still in power, they would have asked all lions and tigers to stop eating meat. As a Punjabi I love my meat and so do lions. “

Malini also seems to agree. “What does Modi think? Is this a Hindu office canteen? Does it want the lion to eat curd and pickles? “

Swati Chaturvedi was at her peak in her NDTV Op-Ed – “we now have a young dynamic 65-year-old Prime Minister in Rahul and the dashing Rehan is ready to step into a leadership role, sources in BJP tell me they are not Comfortable. They want 95-year-old Modi back. And he has no teeth. That is why they are annoyed with lions baring their teeth. This has been confirmed to me by two very reliable internal BJP sources. Please don’t say I caught it out of my morning cup.”

Her colleague, Rohini, expressed it best “Lol Sanghis wanted a lion without teeth and claws, like godi media. I can now fearlessly speak the truth to power as I did in 2017 before the UP election! On her Instagram account, she posted a beautiful photo of herself in her newly upgraded 4BHK happily munching on chicken thighs with her teeth.

The issue has now become international. Greta Thunberg and UN spokeswoman condemned Nadda’s reported statement. “We find it strange that efforts are being made to change the basic personality of a lion. This is bad for the world and makes climate change even worse by affecting fragile ecosystems.”

President Biden is said to have made a strong statement attacking Modi but unfortunately he read out the lunch menu during his press conference. The intern responsible for the tampering of this remote camera has been fired.

The NYT, in a strongly worded editorial, condemned efforts by Hindu nationalists to change the story of animal evolution and force it into conformity with an outdated worldview. Their claim was rejected by Indian voters. It also requires one of the four lions to be declared as non-binary and the other as a monster.

Having received a strong reaction, the BJP has now turned on the defensive. The indications are that they will quietly eliminate the whole problem.

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