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Op India | In the wake of the Nupur Sharma controversy, Ajmer Dargah has been at the forefront of spewing hate against Hindu: Details

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Since the Nupur Sharma controversy was started by Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair, hatred towards Nupur Sharma in general and Hindus in general has spilled over from many parts of the world, including from the world famous Ajmer Dargah. While Nupur Sharma has defied death threats and rape threats since then, her social media followers like Kanhaiya Lal and Umesh Kolhe have paid with their lives for prolonging their relationship. their support.

One of the main sources of all the hatred that has been created is the famous Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Dargah in Ajmer, Rajasthan. From issuing beheading threats to assisting Kanhaiya Lal’s killers, Dargah’s Khadims have been at the forefront of a campaign of hate.

Ajmer Dargah’s Khadim Gauhar Chishti’s Link to Kanhaiya Lal’s Killers

Days after Kanhaiya Lal was horribly murdered, it became clear that a Khadim of Ajmer Dargah named Gauhar Chishti had met one of the Hindu tailor killers. Citing sources, journalist Nikhil Choudhary reports that Gauhar has called for the beheading of former BJP spokesman Nupur Sharma on June 17 of this year for allegedly committing ‘blasphemy’.

After making a provocative speech, he goes to Udaipur to meet Riyaz Attari, one of Kanhaiya Lal’s killers. Interestingly, Riyaz made threats against Sharma and her supporters through a video on the same day. It is known that Khadim Gauhar Chisti asked Riyaz to make a riot video after brutally beating Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur.

Khadim Salman Chishti Issues Beheading Threat After Nupur Sharma . Controversy

On July 5, a video by Ajmer Dargah Khadim Salman Chishti rise on social media platforms in which he threatened to kill the former spokesman of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Nupur Sharma. In the video, Chishti, a chronicler with more than 13 lawsuits against him, including murder and attempted murder, declares that he will hand over his house to anyone who brings his head. Sharma. Salman Chishti has since been arrested, although even in custody Rajasthan Police managed to save him.

Sarwar Chishti Issues Threats To Launch An Incitement That Will ‘Shake India’

Sarwar Chishti of Ajmer dargah’s Anjuman Committee released a provocative statement that added to the violence and controversy surrounding alleged blasphemous remarks against the Prophet Mohammad. In a video that appeared on July 6, Sarwar Chishti said, “The current situation in the country is such that people are blaspheming. They are doing mischief in the glory of the Prophet, in the glory of Khwaja. We will not tolerate this at all. We will launch an agitation so great that even Hindustan will shake.” According to reports, Sarwar Chishti calls himself a member of the Popular Front of India. In 2020, he guard The PFI says it has “saved India’s constitution”.

Sarwar Chishti also called for an economic boycott of Hindus from Ajmer Dargah

An audio recording of Sarwar Chishti’s phone call has also gone viral in which he is heard calling for an economic boycott of Hindus. Earlier, the same Sarwar Chishti was seen in a viral video calling for a movement that would shake up even Hindustan.

In this audio clip, he says, “Hindu followers in Nalla Bazar and Dargah Bazar in Ajmer Sharif held a rally in support of Nupur Sharma. They have called for the store to be closed until 12 noon. I ask you all to make these (Hindu) people look miserable. Make this work through our KGN teams (Khwaja Garib Nawaj). No one should buy anything from their stores in Dargah Bazar area and Nalla Bazar area. They are only earned through Khwaja Sahab lovers. And look what courage they are trying, they are closing the shops in front of us. They are supporting Nupur Sharma. Spread this word everywhere you can, so that no one will trade a single rupee with them.”

After threatening to ‘shake India’ and calling for an economic boycott of Hindus, Sarwar Chishti even attended a ‘peaceful rally’ by religious leaders following the tension community following the brutal beheading of Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal by Muslims in Udaipur.

Syed Aadil Chishti Abuses Hindu Gods

Continuing the series of hateful comments from Ajmer Dargah, Syed Aadil Chishti – son of Sarwar Chishti – mocked the Hindu gods. Aadil Chishti made the comments in an interview with Times Now in which he said insults to the Hindu gods.

During an appearance on Times Now, Aadil Chishti said, “If Nupur Sharma is a Hindu, I have a few questions for her. How can one believe in the existence of 333 crore gods? How reasonable is this? We can understand if there is a god. We are all equal as human beings regardless of our religion. We believe in the existence of god and that there is an absolute god. There can be different interpretations of people of different religions. But, 333 gods, wholesale of gods, how can it be believed? I feel that even if a person lives a thousand years, he cannot please all 333 crore gods and goddesses. “

Furthermore, he added, “Secondly, I would also like to remind Nupur Sharma that in Hindu mythology there is also mention of 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu. Some of these incarnations are in Human form, a few are in animal form, and a few are human-animal hybrids. I want to ask her, can these 10 avatars be trusted? You say he is one God and then he appears in ten different forms. Some in human form, some in animal form and then some in fusion form. “

Aadil Chishti went on to say, “Third, how will she justify the existence of Lord Ganesh or Lord Hanuman? What I am trying to say is that they are not in human form, but you consider them your gods. Do these sound reasonable? No they do not.”

While hatred for Hindus continues to flow from Ajmer Dargah, there has been some impact in the form of boycotts as footfall in Ajmer has decreased significantly since the Khadims began to come public. their viewpoint. However, it remains to be seen whether this will be a permanent boycott or if people will revert to funding the hateful Khadims and their businesses.

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