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65 most heartfelt and touching wedding wishes for the happy couple

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From meaningful wedding wishes for the newlyweds that will bring tears to their eyes to funny wedding greetings that will make them laugh – wedding wishes are like bitter sweet memories that can make them laugh. Can make your wedding day even more memorable!

But what if you’re just stuck? Or are you so overwhelmed with everything that you can’t find the right words to address your feelings? Will you settle for a mere wedding greeting? No right. It’s their day, and you should make it as glorious as possible. If you need inspiration to write creation wedding wishes, we have a list of 65 warmest wedding wishes that you can write in wedding card for couple happiness.

How to write wedding wishes on wedding cards?

A congratulation, obviously in order. And this casual expression is one of the best ways to warm up your wedding wishes. No matter what your writing style is, always try to fine-tune your desires from your heart.

Before writing your wedding wishes, take a second to reflect on a few questions. These questions will help you shape the perfect wedding greeting to write on wedding invitation.

What relationship do you share with the newlyweds?

Would the couple enjoy reading it?

What can you add to the wedding card to make them happier?

Finally, sign in by expressing gratitude for inviting you with your name. That’s it – your wedding wish is ready!

65 most heartfelt and touching wedding wishes for the happy couple

Here is a collection of wedding wishes that you can choose from. As we explained above, choose the greeting that resonates the most depending on your relationship with the newlyweds. To simplify things for you, we’ve curated all 65 wedding wishes in diverse categories PLUS 10 signups!

For example, you want to write a wedding wish for a colleague you are not too close to. You can choose a wedding wish from the list of formal or casual wedding wishes. Finally, add one more logout, and voila!

Happy wedding congratulations


1. May your love always be strong and steady to overcome the storms of life. Wishing you both happiness and joy on your wedding day. Congratulations!

2. Warm congratulations on finding each other!

3. You two are better together, and I’m so happy for you two, congratulations!

4. This requires a big congratulations AND champagne!

5. Congratulations on your big day, and best wishes for a wonderful happy life ahead!

6. Congratulations on starting the greatest adventure together!

7. I hope you will become even better friends and share everything that life has to offer. Lots of congratulations!

8. Congratulations on becoming a soul!

9. Congratulations! May your marriage be filled with all the right ingredients – lots of love, a little romance, a little humor and understanding, and eternal joy.

10. May your wedding be filled with special memories that you can cherish forever – Congratulations!

11. Congratulations to the gorgeous duo!

12. Sincere and warmest congratulations!

13. Congratulations to many-to-many who (finally) tied the knot!

14. May your love grow forever. Many congratulations to the happy couple!

More casual wedding wishes


15. Nice to celebrate this day with both of you.

16. My best wishes for a future filled with joy together!

17. Wishing you a happy, long-lasting marriage.

18. Wishing you the best today and always.

19. May your love never change.

20. May all your dreams come true!

21. May you be filled with love and happiness!

22. Best wishes to the couple!

23. I hope you will be together happily until the end of time!

24. I (or we) are so happy for you!

More formal wedding wishes


25. Wishing love, joy and happiness on the wedding day as we start a new chapter together.

26. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love!

27. May your new home be filled with smiles, laughter, hugs, kisses, understanding, respect and fidelity.

28. May you find peace, hope, contentment and faith in each other!

29. I wish that love was the focus of your new daily life.

30. May this marriage be a bridge to open up prosperity, happiness and peace.

31. I wish you all the best as you embark on this beautiful combination.

32. May the years ahead of you be filled with lasting joy.

33. I pray that the happiness and love you feel today will shine through forever.

34. Best wishes on your wonderful journey as you begin your life together!

Funny wedding wishes


35. So you’ve finally found someone to bother you for the rest of your life. All the best!

36. We have simple marriage advice for you – respect, love, and most importantly… close the toilet lid!

37. Thanks for the free champagne!

38. I’ll tell you the secret of a happy marriage… well… it’s still a secret to everyone! I hope you figure it out together.

39. Marriage is like moving from a love story to a wrestling match. We wish you all the best!

40. Marriage is a beautiful thing… well, I’ll ask you after a year. Congratulations happy couple!

41. There can be more comedy than drama in your married life!

42. Many congratulations to both of you for tying the knot and increasing my gift budget from now on!

43. Thanks for inviting us to drink and eat at your wedding. By the way, congratulations!

44. Now that you’ve become two, does that mean I get two birthday presents every year?!

Wedding wishes for friends and best friends


45. A new and exciting chapter of your life begins right then and there. Wish you both always together in love ALWAYS!

46. ​​Congratulations Happy Couple! The moment I wish you all the happiness your heart could ever conjure up!

47. Come together in a stop, bonded by a commitment, and united in love. Congratulations on your wedding! May all your days be filled with light, joy and fun!

48. The two of you are the perfect match and are truly meant for each other. Let us power your happy future.

49. May this new chapter of your life bring the two of you together and love each other.

50. Marriage is a beautiful time when two souls begin to share one heart. Let your love for each other grow with every second together or apart. Wishing you a very happy married life.

51. Congratulations to the Bride and Groom! May you enjoy the honor, love and happiness throughout your life together.

52. Your moment is beautiful, my dear friend. You are so happy and inspired that I really can’t help but appreciate you. Wish you always beautiful and happy forever! I commend you on your marriage!

53. Life is similar to being wonderful when you are with the person you really love in life. I know that you are happy right now, and I am overflowing with happiness for you!

54. May your marriage be filled with all the right elements, a bond of love, humor, feelings of love and understanding. May your joy be forever. Congratulations!

55. Like a lighthouse at night, may your collective love shine forever. Sincere wishes on your marriage!

56. Marriage is not just a noble bond. It’s an adventure that lasts until the end of time. Have a stylish day!

57. Best wishes to one of the stylish couples. I wish you a very happy life with your partner and also that the rest of your life will be like today.

58. I’m happy for you two. Wish you always love and happiness in your new life.

59. Warmest congratulations to a truly special couple who have established their love moments in the happy life they live together!

60. Good luck with the marriage. Wishing you a happy life with countless ending moments of joy and love with your partner.

61. Warmest wishes to my stylish friend! I really feel very happy for the two of you to find each other. You are a relief to those around you! May your joy be forever!

62. Love will surely join in on this special day when you’ll end up bachelor’s life. Wishing you a life filled with care, laughter and love!

63. Wishing you a noble body with great recollection to carry on! I congratulate both of you for being with your spouse on this happy day.

64. May your marriage shine like a star and set an example for others in your life. Happy marriage, stay in happiness. Congratulations to both of you!

65. My heartfelt and stylish wishes to the two of you on your wedding day, my dear musketeers. I hope not only for a wonderful day but also for your next life to be filled with eternal joy, happiness and lots of love.

How to add sign on wedding card?

Sign_off_the_wedding_card_ after_the_wedding_wished.jpg

End your wedding wishes with a few extra words before mentioning your name(s). This step is just a nice gesture to thank the couple or summarize your feelings about their wedding.

Here are 10 examples that you can use to sign wedding invitations –

1. Warmest wishes

2. Congratulations

3. All the best / Good luck

4. Wish you all the best

5. With love

6. Best wishes

7. Love them both so much

8. Congratulations

9. Best wishes to hear

10. Congratulations on your happiness forever after

Don’t forget to add your first name (or last name) at the end of these registrations.

Signing off


Composing the perfect wedding wishes does not have to be a difficult task. All you need to keep in mind is an easy to understand guide i.e. tricks, tips, should and shouldn’t. And in no time you will be able to create a personalized wedding greeting to express your happiness to the newlyweds.

I’m sure happy couples will appreciate your creative words and keep them in mind whenever they cherish their wedding day!

What is your style of writing wedding wishes – funny, casual, thoughtful or congratulatory? Tell us in the comments section below.

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