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International Day for Victims of Torture: 4 ways to deal with mental torture at work

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Do you have a good understanding of the silent killer in Workplace? The horror follows you in the dark, draining you, distracting you, draining your energy and making you lose confidence. The staff mostly talked about it in whispers and sometimes denied its existence. By now you must have understood what we are talking about! TRADE NEW TINY. International Day for Victims of Torture is celebrated on June 26 every year with the aim of eradicating torture around the world.

Mental harassment or emotional abuse is a type of non-physical behavior or attitude that threatens, controls, punishes, humiliates, or isolates another person with shame, anxiety, or degradation. Hostile or offensive work environments are becoming commonplace these days and it can be based on any number of bases. Do you feel the emotional abuse that often comes to you in the office? Or do any of your colleagues share unwelcome or unwanted violent and aggressive behavior in your workplace that worries them about their perception? But how do you deal with mental harassment in the workplace? We’ve got you covered. Follow these 4 ways to beat mental torture before it takes over your life.


Stress and anxiety increase when situations get out of our control. It pushes us out of our processing zones and degrades our confidence and mental health. That is why, it is extremely important to understand and identify aspects of the situation and control everything from the beginning. You can talk directly to your boss and let him know what is affecting your mental health. Or you can also share your feelings with any trusted employee so they can support you whenever you need it and you don’t burn out by keeping everything to yourself.

Stand your ground and say “no”

Standing up for yourself is the best way to protect your mental health. If you think the harasser is pushing you beyond the limits and you’ve done enough to manipulate him/her, then go ahead and address it candidly. Be firm and forthright to prevent such behavior. Keeping silent for a long time and affirming whatever they say only sends a positive signal to the harasser and their abusive behavior will never end.

Network building

It’s important to communicate with other employees who are going through the same thing or are the target of your boss’s misdemeanors. Make sure you talk to them gently so they can talk about your condition and what happened to them. Inspire your colleagues to record the exact conversations they have with their boss. The more evidence you collect, the clearer the pattern of mental abuse will be diagnosed.

Network building

Set verbal limits

Make a list of facts and try to figure out how your boss treats you from an objective perspective. What exactly does he want from you? Talk less until you have the right facts and always reach for pieces of evidence and strong physical posture. When you have a pile of reality, you can set better limits without worrying. Don’t get into any kind of argument as it will only create confusion. If the person is starting to empathize with the situation, go to the person above their post.

Set verbal limits

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