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Man documents man to apologize to DoorDash driver after accidentally shouting at him: ‘I need him to know’

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A man recorded his act of apologizing for food delivery driver after the DoorDash employee mistakenly thought he was scolding him, when he was actually scolding his dog.

Mark Polchleb, who uses the username @markp_ on TikTokshared a video about the incident, was captured by his doorbell camera into the app last week, where he expressed guilt about the encounter.

In the clip, Polchleb begins by asking “someone please say this sweet sweet thing [DoorDash] man, I’m scolding my dog, not him” as he filmed himself lying in bed.

The TikToker then went on to share a recording of the food delivery, in which a man can be seen waiting at Polchleb’s doorstep to deliver food to him as a dog barks from inside the house.

The delivery driver then asked if he should leave the food on the front step, at which point Polchleb could be heard very loudly telling his dog to get out of the way. “Stay away from doormates!” TikToker, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, shouted.

Unfortunately, it appears the DoorDash driver mistook the order for it to be aimed at him, with the employee moving out the door as he tried to take a picture of a McDonald’s bag as proof of delivery, before wishing Polchleb good night.

On TikTok, Polchleb revealed that he didn’t realize what had happened until the delivery driver left, at which point he felt extremely guilty about the misunderstanding.

“I really lost sleep over this. He is so sweet and my dog ​​is a threat,” he wrote in the caption.

As of July 13, the video has been viewed more than 36.1 million times, with hundreds of viewers also sharing their horror at the misunderstanding.

“Great, now I’m going to lose sleep over this. Update me when he knows it’s not directed at him,” one person commented.

Another said: “Oh, I will cry and vomit. Bless him.”

“Oh no, I don’t think it could be that bad… but it’s worse,” wrote another.

Others asked Polchleb if he had any luck identifying a DoorDash driver to apologize to, with TikToker revealing he was trying to make things right.

“I just need him to know. I just put two and two together when I took down my Creme Brûlée McFlurry moments later,” he wrote in the comments.

In a follow-up video, Polchleb revealed that he reached out to DoorDash support, after mistakenly believing the delivery person working for Uber Eats at first, to see if there was any way he could talk to him. did the staff deliver the food to him. .

According to Polchleb, because it’s been two days since the delivery, DoorDash said he was unable to contact the driver directly, nor could he adjust his tip. However, a company support officer asked to speak to Dasher directly about the incident.

“So that’s as good as I can do now but honestly it’s not good enough for my understanding. So we need to do more,” he continued, before revealing that he already knew the driver’s name was Sami.

In the video, Polchleb then offers a direct apology to Sami, hoping he or a loved one will see it and pass the message on. “Sami, if you happen to see this, I am very sorry for the misunderstanding if you misunderstood and thought I yelled at you. I really am not, I am screaming because of my threat about a dog,” he said, adding that he was hoping to be able to contact him because he wanted to tip him or buy give him a McFlurry. “I hope you see this, I’m so, so, so sorry.”

In another follow-up, Polchleb revealed that he had found Sami and thanked the TikTok community for help. “MAIN UPDATE. We have found Sami!! Thank you so much TikTok. I love this community! I’ll keep you all posting once I get a chance to connect,” he captioned the video.

TikToker’s efforts eventually caught the attention of the official DoorDash TikTok account, which revealed that the company planned to award Sami “Best Worker status for life” and ” more money for the Hunter”.

“Our hearts. We’re so inspired by your love and kindness for Sami that we’ll give him the title of Top Hunter for life and get Dasher extra pay.” the company wrote in a comment on TikTok, hailed by Polchleb as “great response”.

He added: “It makes my heart just a little happier to know that Sami finally knows that I am scolding her dog and not him, and now DoorDash Australia has come to the party and soothed me. This deal is much more for him, that’s amazing. “

In Thursday’s update, Polchleb revealed that he was finally able to meet Sami in person after the delivery driver’s daughter saw TikTok. “His daughter happened to see my original TikTok after about 7 million views, and I was able to connect with her, and then her dad,” he said.

In the video, Polchleb drove up to Sami, with the TikToker explaining that he wanted to say “thank you in person and make sure he’s happy”. He then congratulated the DoorDash staff with a card and a gift, while Sami’s family decorated the house with balloons.

“It was a pleasure to meet him and his family who are so proud of him,” Polchleb said. He also revealed that Sami worked to earn money to visit his son.

In the comments section below the video, a user who identified himself as Sami’s daughter expressed gratitude for all the support and shares. GoFundMe page for Sami. As described on the GoFundMe, Sami came to Australia eight years ago as a refugee and has not seen her son for 10 years, who lives in France.

As of Wednesday, the fundraiser has raised more than $4,400 ($6,500 AUD), surpassing its $2,000 AUD goal.

The heartwarming conclusion to the story was warmly welcomed by viewers, who were grateful to see a happy ending to Polchleb and Sami’s story.

“I’m screaming, this is the best TikTok series I’ve ever seen. Wow, I can sleep peacefully after watching this, thanks forever,” one person wrote.

Another said: “I’m so glad this has a happy ending!”

“What a great story! Please be kinder like this,” another wrote.

The Independent Have reached out to DoorDash and Polchleb for comment.

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