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Vaishali S takes the Paris runway again in the storm!

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Vaishali S Couture has returned to the coveted Paris Haute Couture Week with her latest Rutva collection. The collection takes its name from the Sanskrit word for the seasons and is an ode to “moments of [the four] the seasons come together”. Through it, she continues to explore her continued adoration for nature and its place in our lives. According to the designer, it celebrates every little detail of nature – from the hot tones of summer to the deadly stillness of peaceful winter days.

Rutva also sees an evolution in Vaishali S’s signature style. Her marking techniques take on a new expression as the brand ventures to navigate 3D and 4D apparel. This uniqueness is also reflected in the fabrics and materials she uses for the collection – merino wool, pashmina, khadi and sumptuous silks from West Bengal. Each piece of the collection is a testament to the brand’s dedication to sustainability, with a focus on traceability through technology.

We talked to the designer about her second at Paris Haute Couture Week and how it was different from her first. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Tell us about the collection

WITH: The collection for Paris haute couture week includes fine hand-woven Merino wool, transparent silk from West Bengal, and for the first time an official Pashmina from Ladakh, which we tracked on blockchain for transparency. for our customers on the sustainability journey and for those who have worked with us on this project. I presented 32 looks divided into 4 groups, and four outfits by Francesca Dario, the dancer. Our partnership with VIBRAM offers flat shoes, always with recycled soles. The idea behind it and behind the entire collection is that you can stay comfortable even in haute couture (like Jennifer’s Early Bulletins France).

What inspired your collection this year?

WITH: The collection’s inspiration is the Four Seasons, and how Nature follows her immutable path and is able to give us her fruits, then goes to a kind of death meditation to only return. and bloom even more vigorously. Every season has its beauty and color, each season has a different interpretation of all the arts, whether visual/fashion, or performing with Francesca Dario’s OCDP dances. This continuous flow has always focused on sustainability with handwoven products and community impact, with recyclable materials with VIBRAM, etc.


This is the second year in a row you attended Paris Haute Couture Week. How does it feel?

WITH: The presence in Paris this year has a lot of different meanings than last year, so it’s a little more complicated. At the same time, while last year was the first time there was excitement and the cross-country rush to Paris in vintage locks, this year I fully know what Paris is expecting from me and the others. What is expected from a haute couture show, so the approach is more structured and complex, while the creative possibilities are unleashed more freely. I cannot avoid mentioning that I was personally received at his residence by His Excellency Jawed Ashraf, Indian Ambassador to France, which brought about a variety of emotions: simple support. , great responsibility to him and the craftsmanship of the Indians we officially represent, pride to present as an Indian excellence, happiness for this recognition.

What’s new about the designs and weaves you’ve incorporated this season?


This season, I introduced Pashmina from Ladakh for the first time in Haute Couture, spinning and weaving by hand, and with full traceability via blockchain. In due time, all stakeholders of the process will be properly recognized and compensated. In terms of style, you can appreciate that the Ao Dai has a more diverse length, a more extreme shape. Another step in breaking the boundaries of pleating towards a fuller representation of Nature and its energy flow.

Tell us about some of the bridal trends that will be a hit this year?I feel that the general tendency to be more conscious will be somehow reflected even in bridal attire. So I’m pretty much looking forward to the new season, as I’ve always believed in skins that are modular and can be broken down into two or three pieces that can then be combined with a number of skins. days for different occasions, allowing people to use them for a long time and recreate memories.

As proof, we’ve just been included in the top 5 bridal inspirations of the week by Elle.com France.

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