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I don’t know how many of you, especially those comrades who have gained weight, have watched fat loss programs for so many years. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ll spend days and hours eating snacks of my choice with my fat ass sitting on the couch cheering on my favorite players. However, on the dark side, I also judged every fat guy in those shows. Either my god I’ll never grow that big or she’s not fat and she’s comfortable…I’ll keep putting my little notepad next to me for any insight I might gain to get things like these People are as successful. If they can do it, so can I. Imagine Shirley in 1999 sitting on the sofa, stuffing her face with pizza, watching people tortured by having to work out for hours on end. They are better than me! Nudge you, you know that’s what you think the same way I do.

It’s been years since that show aired. Looking back, I only remember one thing that has stayed with me all these years. One thing that makes sense. (Not that I’ve fully implemented it, but we’ll get to that later). Do you remember when JM was yelling at some poor woman on Jacob’s ladder and she was crying and JM was yelling at her problem and almost the woman was sobbing she couldn’t do it or something like that thing. And then all of a sudden, all of a sudden, like it went straight through a tunnel into my brain and embedded itself, she screamed, “Change your mind!”

Change your mind. Three seemingly simple words. Words so casual yet so powerful they achieve greatness and failure in the same blink of an eye. It’s an exciting phrase. Does anyone else have the song of a beauty school dropout flashing in their minds? Singing “Beauty dropped out of school, went back to high school”. But I digress.

I can go on bemoaning this quote and changing your mind and how it’s like a moment that can actually change time. I can please you with my inspiring inspiring talk and bring you to the edge of your seat ready to change your mind! But I won’t. This isn’t a tutorial class, gosh – everyone wants something for free. You want motivation, baby – pay me!

But let’s be real. In reality, achieving the changes required to change your mind is difficult. It’s boring. It was a few heartbeats of excitement. And then – this sentence keeps reminding you of your failures.

So what do I mean! My point is that I never changed my mind. Even now, when I’m trying again to finally get rid of this fat from my body, I’m screaming in pain for the torture I’ve carried on rocks like fat. I like this sentence. The Vision Board is here! It looks great against the mirrored backdrop of my fridge. but will fail. Still a word? Hissing, maybe blowing? That’s how I get involved in the “change of mind” sound. It’s been with me for years, and I don’t know if it’s the epitome of my 25 years of failure or my greatest success.

success? How can I call it a success? Well, I’ve managed to fall short of what I’ve claimed to be my greatest wish for 25 years for sure. What have you been successful at? In a world where the fat-loss market is a billion-dollar business, it’s humbling to speak up. Billions of people have failed to change their minds and their big business for decades. In the end, no one will spend a penny just by changing their minds.

Anyone who has read my brief blog here knows that I am committed to finally getting out of the fat prison that I have allowed to protect me from myself for over 25 years. Oh, something is working – I’m officially descending from 268-255 today. I did hit 249.6, but my mantra weight loss isn’t linear, and numbers like that have to be consistent for me to believe it’s “achieved.”

Again, I’m continuing my “non-formation” concept, which has led me to so many failures in the past, and making decisions when they come. Sometimes I make a good decision, other times I don’t. However, I have had more success than ever for a long time. As I said here this weekend, try not to think about the 249, although it makes fun of the back of my brain, I realize I may have changed my mind in the end.

This wasn’t the epiphany of JM’s screaming “duh” moment from that popular TV show. This is not a moment of zen clarity. It’s just a nod. The ones you get from strangers or colleagues as you pass by in the hall. a confirmation.

And, I’m fine with that.

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