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The Complete Guide to Using Instagram Stories for Business in 2022

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first published by UUKI

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks and is estimated to have 1 billion users worldwide as of 2021. Instagram allows you to share pictures and videos and helps you market your business online. Instagram allows you to build your brand image through images and videos more effectively than Facebook or Twitter or any other social media website.

Fun fact: On a typical day, there are 80 million photos shared on Instagram and 3.5 billion likes.

1. What are Instagram stories?

2. What are the highlights of the stories?

3. How to add a story to Instagram?

4. Instagram story tips to build your business

5. How to get more views for an Instagram story?

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories officially launched on August 2, 2016. Instagram Stories are only 15 seconds long and disappear 24 hours after they are posted but you can add to your story highlights. Meanwhile, Instagram posts appear on your profile forever until you delete or save them.

Unlike Instagram posts, Instagram stories offer a wide range of tools that encourage engagement. This includes a variety of different stickers, polls, quizzes, music, and much more. People can respond to your stories immediately after viewing them with a reply emoji or message.

Instagram stories are full of content that is ready to grab the attention of viewers and most importantly, convert them into loyal customers.

What are the highlights of the stories?

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Great stories can be created by adding your own stories so that viewers can view the stories you have posted. They will remain on your profile forever unless you delete them. Story comments are a great way to express yourself through the stories you’ve shared. It’s the best way to keep your most successful stories running and visible to viewers on your profile.

In business, story highlights can be used to showcase your best products or a group of different products in a different story. This saves people from looking through endless images and videos to find what they are looking for. The main features of Instagram are your opportunity to show different sides of your business such as BTS (Behind the scenes), customer reviews, etc.

How to add a story to Instagram?

1. Open the Instagram app on your phone.

2. Click on the top right and select ‘story’.


3. Long press the white button to record a video and press once to take a selfie or picture. You can also experiment with different Instagram filters.

4. If you want to upload a video or image from your gallery then click on the bottom left which leads to your gallery.

5. You can add stickers, heat, GIFs, location, etc.


6. Once your story is ready, click on “your story”

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Overall! Isn’t it fun?

Instagram story tips to build your business

Instagram Stories is a powerful tool that can be used to promote your business. Instagram stories are a great way to reach new customers and build strong relationships with existing ones. Below are a few key tips that will help you build your business in all areas;

  1. Use ballot stickers
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Polling is a great way to help you get to know your audience better. Starting a poll on Instagram will help you find out what your audience expects from your new product or service. Polls can be really fun and interactive. Try asking customers which of your products they enjoy or use the most.

You can use Instagram posts to alert your followers about an upcoming poll so they can watch your story. The answers to your survey can help you create relevant content based on your customers’ interests, and can provide ideas for your next marketing campaign.

2. Use question stickers to hear from your audience


Adding Questions to your stories is easy, but with a little planning, it can benefit your content strategy and your brand reputation. Depending on your company and your audience, you may get tough questions or negative feedback, so you need to be prepared to answer that.

Don’t forget to answer the questions! Click on individual responses to open a new Story to respond to. Try to answer the most common questions but make sure you don’t overload it. Make sure you’re accomplishing something while answering these questions whether it’s gathering product feedback, building customer trust, or adding momentum to a campaign. Make all your efforts count!

3. Write a quiz using question stickers

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Select a quiz sticker from the sticker tray. Decide on your question of choice and customize the answers. Instagram allows you to choose up to 4 options for your Instagram quiz. Question stickers can be used to help your audience get to know you and your business.

Use question stickers to encourage your followers to engage with your brand, then track the results, you can do this by swiping up to see how many votes each option received. So, the marketing opportunities here are endless!

4. Go directly to Instagram stories


Instagram Live allows you to easily connect with your community in real time. You will quickly catch the attention of Instagram users, especially since active users who follow you will receive a notification every time you go live.

It’s great for building relationships, communicating directly with your users, sharing news, and establishing your brand. Instagram Live breaks down the barrier between you and your audience. It allows you to have a real conversation and communicate in real time.

5. Use Instagram story ads

Instagram story ads are the perfect way to reach new audiences and showcase your brand. In Instagram Stories advertising, the ‘sponsored’ label appears at the top, right corner of your post and reveals that your post is an ad.

Make sure your Instagram Stories ads are seamless with your Instagram aesthetic. 75% of Instagram users take an action, such as visiting a website or making a purchase, after viewing Instagram ads.

How to get more views for an Instagram story?

1. Use hashtags

Hashtags can increase your brand exposure and help you reach more people. The right and relevant hashtags will ensure that your stories get more views. Just like Instagram posts, people can find your story using the hashtags you use.

You can choose a branded hashtag that your audience will use when engaging with you, or you can use hashtags that are already popular. Only when used correctly. Hashtags have become a powerful tool for increasing engagement.

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2. Post stories regularly

Consistency is the key to success. When you stop posting stories, people may get bored and unfollow you. Therefore, being consistent with posting stories daily will help your brand in all aspects. Get creative with your stories.

Actively posting at regular intervals will give your stories the highest chance of reaching more people and gaining more followers. Posting stories too often can affect how your posts perform in Instagram’s algorithm.

3. Share music in your stories

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Music can unite and bring people together. You can share your music favorites and playlists from Spotify or Apple Music to your Instagram stories.

After you post your content, your fans and followers will be able to click on the “Play on Spotify” option located in the upper left corner of the screen and listen to the playlist you shared.

To conclude

Use all these amazing Instagram features to show your audience how awesome your company or brand is!

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