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Pakistani athletes’ plea: Save the earth | The Express Tribune

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Pakistani athletes’ plea: Save the earth | The Express Tribune

Pakistan World Boxing Council’s sole silver champion Muhammad Waseem urges nation to pay attention to the environment on Earth Daybut also expressed his concern as an athlete about the rapidly increasing global warming.

Waseem became the first Pakistani boxer to fight for the world championship title last month in Dubai against Britain’s Sunny Edwards as the title was sanctioned by the International Boxing Federation.

Waseem has a perfect career, not only bringing medals for Pakistan at the amateur stage in his journey at the Asian Games, World Military Games, Commonwealth Games Commonwealth and the South Asian Games, but also fought 14 games, with eight knockdowns and two losses, both while he was trying for the world title.

Waseem was originally from Quetta but he had to train abroad because there were no suitable facilities for him.

“For athletes, cold weather is suitable because warm weather makes you dehydrated and tired easily,” Waseem told The Express Tribune. “I, as an athlete, have always liked a cold place to exercise and train.”

He trained in the UK, during his career for the Pakistan Boxing Federation he had to train in Karachi where not only the wet weather conditions were unhealthy but also problematic. pollution problem is increasing.

“On earth day, I would say we should plant more trees for a cooler and more pleasant environment,” said Waaseem.

Meanwhile, Vice President of Pakistan Tennis Federation and President of Sindh . Tennis Association Khalid Rehmani called for increased action on Earth Day 2022 when he spoke to The Express Tribune. “If all the associations affiliated with the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) worked on the environmental aspects, the results would be very different. It is more important than ever for sports federations to start taking measures on climate change and its impact on sport and in particular our athletes. end. ”

As a large and active part of the tennis community, especially in Sindh and Pakistan, Rehmani is also hard at work practicing beach tennis. He even established the Sindh Tennis Association’s Environmental Committee in line with the POA having announced their own Environment Committee in 2020, however, only a few national federations have noted the work needed must be done through sport.

POA works under International Olympic Committee (IOC) as it also announced in 2021 that it wants to “cut direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, as part of its commitment to tackle climate change.”

“Only the PTF and we and maybe one or two more people have taken the environmental aspect of sport seriously. POA EC has been operating for two years. They ask us to work on the environment and sustainability. In Sindh for example, we clean up after events, plant trees and create favorable conditions so that we can help athletes achieve good results,” said Rehmani.

He emphasized that the way that climate change and pollution in urban cities are affecting athletes is visible and measurable compared to athletes from the northern regions of the country. country.

“We can see in the results. Athletes from cities like Karachi, their lungs aren’t as strong as athletes from the north and up, and they can’t even compete with athletes from less polluted areas . The carbon emissions, pollution that we have in cities not only make the environment worse for everyone but also for athletes. Likewise, if we look at the diets, they are not organic, but the food for them is also not rich in nutrients due to industrial farming and the unclean environment.” Rehmani said.

He added that the lack of forests is leading to dire conditions, while only a few sports organizations and federations are even involved in reforestation activities.

“I feel that if all 40 federations under the auspices of POA Take this seriously, hold monthly workshops and collaborate. We can make progress in partnership with local authorities and agencies. The government also needs to work hard to raise awareness,” said Rehmani.

He says beach tennis is another sport where the Sindh Tennis Association sees an impact on a regular basis.

“The seas are extremely polluted and the beaches are going bad. We clean our area when we hold the event, even the players participate in the cleaning process, but it only lasts for a short time because these public places don’t take time. to get dirty again,” said Rehmani.

Ultimately, he says, awareness and education are needed, not just occasionally but often.

On Earth Day 2022, the theme is “Investing in Our Planet”.

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