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‘The Masked Singer’s Knight Is A ‘Star Trek’ Legend: The Costume Was An ‘Absolute Horror’

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‘The Masked Singer’s Knight Is A ‘Star Trek’ Legend: The Costume Was An ‘Absolute Horror’

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Image credit: FOX

Spoiler alert! Masked singer is back and one of the most beloved TV legends of all time has been announced as Knight in the season 8 premiere. HollywoodLife said EXCLUSIVE about the one and only William Shatner about why he wants to do the show now.

“Well, it’s a very popular show, and I have a lot going on. I think it will give me the opportunity to do the show. It’s a fun show, well worth it, but it also gives me a chance to talk to you and tell you I’m going to have a book, a series of what I call The inexplicable. There’s a new season coming up. There’s a watch I designed coming out, two documentaries, another album, so this is an opportunity to mention that a lot of what I’m working on is coming out in the next month or two. The show is a great springboard to give you an example of the fun we can have with the things that are coming,” Williams said.

William Shatner
William Shatner as Knight in ‘The Masked Singer.’ (FOX)

William dressed as a Knight, an outfit consisting of silver armor and a golden goose. The best part about the costume? “When I got out of it, it was so peaceful,” quipped William.

The Star Trek The actor was brutally honest about how the costume wasn’t so easy to pull off. “The costume was an absolute horror to act,” quipped William. “I can’t look out of it, can’t feel, can’t move, [it was] heavy, and no air inside. That is a danger. As I understand it, I have a friend who went a few months ago and he said it’s the first experience in your life where you make a song without a costume, you take it down, but then when you put on the costume . about everything changes. “

William Shatner
William Shatner is revealed as the Knight. (FOX)

He continued, “It was ridiculous. I mean, it’s designed to get in your way. It was designed by a diabolical designer whose sole ambition was to make sure the actor inside couldn’t breathe.”

At 91, William is busier than ever. “I just love what I’m doing. Doing this show, for example, has a lot of fun in its difficulty,” he said HollywoodLife. “It is unique and you leave it saying that I have never experienced anything like it in my life. It’s a whole new story. It is certainly very difficult to do all of that, but if it gets a little bit of attention, mission accomplished. ” Masked singer airs every Wednesday on FOX.

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‘The Masked Singer’s Knight Is A ‘Star Trek’ Legend: The Costume Was An ‘Absolute Horror’

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