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Mayyas: 5 Things To Know About The Amazing Dance Act That Won ‘AGT’ Season 17

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Mayyas: 5 Things To Know About The Amazing Dance Act That Won ‘AGT’ Season 17

Mayyas will go down in history as one of the best Looking for American talent action and now they join the ranks with AGT the winners. During the September 14 finale event, Mayyas became AGT champion after facing stiff competition. Dazzling dance troupe AGT viewers and judges with their stellar performances throughout the season.

The Mayyas have come a long way to achieve their dreams. This is really the beginning for them. Learn more about this talented group below:

Mayyas in their audition. (HBO)

1. Mayyas won AGT season 17.

After their amazing audition, Sofia Vergara The rest were completely stunned. “There are no words to explain to you what we were feeling here,” said Sofia. She rated their audition as “the most beautiful, creative dance I’ve ever seen.” Simon Cowell said it was “arguably the best dance we could ever see.” That’s when Sofia confidently gave the group her Golden Buzzer. Mayyas’ audition has been viewed over 16 million times on YouTube.

From there, smooth sailing for Mayyas. Season 17 comes to Mayyas and Kristy Sellars, and the Mayans reigned supreme. The group won $1 million and a top show in Las Vegas!

2. Mayyas created by Nadim Cherfan.

Nadim is the founder and choreographer of Mayyas. Nadim started taking dance classes in Lebanon at the age of 14. “I fell in love with dance more and more and I still fell in love more and more deeply,” he said Arab News. He started teaching dance at the age of 20.

3. The Mayans came from Lebanon.

“Lebanon is not seen as a place where you can build a career outside of dancing. It’s really hard and harder for a woman,” said Nadim above AGT. The team has preserved and implemented all the ways to AGT final’s night. “Mayyas, it gives us a free, safe and creative space to dance,” said one member.

Mayyas in their qualifying performance. (HBO)

4. Mayyas inspired by Nightbirde.

Nadim revealed that Night bird is the one who “really gets” they go to audition AGT. Her quote about not waiting “until life isn’t hard before you decide to be happy” is what inspired them. Nightbirde was a contestant in AGT season 16. She died in February 2022 after a battle with cancer.

5. Mayyas competed on Got talent.

The group competed on Looking for Arab Talent in 2019. They also received the Golden Buzzer and the championship of the season. They continue to compete for Britain’s Got Talent: The Championbut they were eliminated in the preliminary round.

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Mayyas: 5 Things To Know About The Amazing Dance Act That Won ‘AGT’ Season 17

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