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‘Five Days At Memorial’s Vera Farmiga & Cherry Jones On The ‘Great Power’ Of Their Apple Series

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‘Five Days At Memorial’s Vera Farmiga & Cherry Jones On The ‘Great Power’ Of Their Apple Series

Five Days of Remembrance is a poignant look at the impact Hurricane Katrina had on a local hospital in New Orleans. Vera Farmiga and Cherry Jones Play as doctors Anna Pou and Susan Mulderick, real women who have to endure harsh conditions and take care of patients in a hospital after a hurricane hits. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the actresses about how they prepared for the movie and why they didn’t speak to the doctors at Memorial to do the same.

“None of us did, in part because this was the script of a newspaper book, and when screenwriters start dramatizing something, they are probably drawing on the source material. But of course, they’re creating conversations,” explains Cherry. “So sometimes I try not to read the source material and just focus on what my work is, which is what is written on the page. So I was shy to meet Susan Mulderick, but I have a lot of respect for her.”

Cherry Jones in ‘Five Days At Memorial.’ (Apple TV+)

Vera added, “I’m looking forward to meeting Anna one day, but I think all those details are mined from Sheri [Fink]’S ad hoc investigation. There are many interviews, not only of Anna but also of friends and family members who are in her spiritual circle. You want to know how the doctor was, talk to the patient. There is a lot of information in Sheri’s book and interviews with colleagues, with nurses and doctors. That is my Bible. That’s my everything in the process. “

People at Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans have endured terrible conditions without electricity, clean water, or air conditioning for days. Controversy engulfed the hospital after the last 45 bodies were removed from the hospital. This triggered an investigation that led to the arrest of Dr. Pou and two nurses in connection with the death at Memorial. A year later, a jury refused to convict Dr. Pou and the charges were dropped.

Dr. Pou admitted to having administered morphine and midazolam to sedate patients but did not let them eat. She stressed that the drug was only used to relieve the pain the patient was experiencing. Five Days of Remembrance sure to bring up a discussion of morality, but Vera hopes that viewers will have “compassion” for all those who have suffered during that difficult time.

Vera Farmiga
Vera Farmiga as Dr. Anna Pou. (Apple TV+)

“How will viewers feel it [there] at many angles in the shoes of these characters. They will perceive it visually. That is the great strength of the series,” she said HollywoodLife. “But I hope they have compassion for everyone who has been through it: the doctors, the nurses, the staff at the Memorial, the patients, the families there, those looking for shelter. hidden. I want them to have that compassion.”

She continued, “And in many ways, it’s a tribute to the doctors and nurses, and our frontline health care workers who have been on the front lines for many years now with a epidemic. The choices they have to make during the pandemic are overwork and extreme suffering and their mental health, suffering with everything in front of them, and what they have to deal with the lack of PPE. and looking for ventilators, and deciding who gets the bed and who doesn’t… all of that. These are the heroes among us. We must honor them. It was a great bright spot for them. “

Five Days of Remembrance will premiere August 12 on Apple TV+ with the first three episodes. The remaining episodes will air every Friday

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‘Five Days At Memorial’s Vera Farmiga & Cherry Jones On The ‘Great Power’ Of Their Apple Series

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