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Vanessa Hudgens Breaks Silence On Whether She’d Return To ‘HSMTMTS’ After Visiting School

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Vanessa Hudgens Breaks Silence On Whether She’d Return To ‘HSMTMTS’ After Visiting School

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Image credit: Everett

Vanessa Hudgens revealed if she will come down to get back to her Music High School date by appearing in the spin-off series, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, four months after she sent fans into a frenzy by visiting the high school, where the original movies took place. “I don’t know,” she said Weekly entertainment in an interview on October 21. “We leave it to fate. Leave it to the gods.” That might not be the answer fans were hoping for, but it’s certainly not a disclaimer!

The 33-year-old Disney girl got fans excited in June when she posted a video of herself standing in front of Salt Lake City Utah’s East College as “Breaking Free” played in the background, a song featured in the original 2006 film. She also quotes her character, Gabriella Montez, in the caption, writing, “Do you remember in kindergarten how you met a kid and didn’t know anything about them? , then 10 seconds you play as best friend because you don’t have to be anything but yourself?” She wears a black turtleneck shirt, purple shorts, and white sneakers. , and smiled as he walked towards the camera in front of the famous building’s front entrance.

Vanessa also revealed why she randomly shows up at her character’s old base: her MLB star boyfriend, Cole Bryson Tucker. “My boyfriend is playing in Salt Lake – he’s a baseball player. So he was in the field and I rented a car and I said, ‘I want to go see it and take some pictures for the long term,’ she explained. Cole is short for the Pittsburgh Pirates and has been associated with Vanessa since late 2020.

Vanessa Hudgens Hogh School of musicals
Vanessa Hudgens played Gabriella Montez in ‘High School Musical’ in three films from 2006 to 2008 (Image: Everett)

Vanessa’s co-star and ex-boyfriend Zac Efron, 35, happened to show up at the same place just a few weeks later. When EW When asked about coincidence, she just laughed and said, “What can I say, I’m a trendsetter.”

Zac, who plays the multi-talented heartthrob Troy Bolton, posted a picture of him proudly raising his fists in the air in front of East High in July on Instagram. The fist of victory seems to honor the classic of the 1980s Breakfast Clubends with Judd Nelson raised his fist in the air. He also captioned the post with a line from the iconic song, “Don’t You,” which plays at the end of the movie. “You don’t forget me,” he wrote.

Both posts have fans bursting with excitement at the thought of Troy and Gabriella’s reunion in the new movie. Music High School series. Although Zac has never confirmed that he will appear on the show, he has previously said AND! News he will be open to reboot. “Of course, of course,” he laughed. “Seriously, having the opportunity to go back and work with that team in any form would be fantastic.” Only time will tell!

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Vanessa Hudgens Breaks Silence On Whether She’d Return To ‘HSMTMTS’ After Visiting School

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