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‘The Goldbergs’ Killing Off Murray In Season 10 After Jeff Garlin’s Shocking Exit

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‘The Goldbergs’ Killing Off Murray In Season 10 After Jeff Garlin’s Shocking Exit

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Image Credit: ABC

Big changes are ahead for the Goldberg family as season 10 begins. The pivotal tenth season of the ABC comedy will begin with Goldberg’s patriarch Murray Goldberg dead. The Goldbergs co-showrunner Alex Barnow explained how the show would deal with Murray’s death.

Wendy McLendon-Covey
Wendy McLendon-Covey and Jeff Garlin in ‘The Goldbergs.’ (ABC)

“[Murray] will pass, and we are starting from a place where he passed away for months,” said Alex EW. “The family was devastated, unlike Pops [George Segal] and the season 9 premiere where they’re tackling this very refreshingly. This will be a family that can’t reconcile the fact that their father is gone but has moved in and taken care of a lot of things. So we start with optimism about a baby coming soon and look to the future. It’s an opportunity for this interesting emotional background to the way people are behaving. “

Co-showrunner Chris Bishop admitted that season 10 “felt like a huge reboot for us. So we have a lot of motivation to roll into this new season. “

Jeff Garlin played Murray Goldberg for the first nine seasons of the show. The actor left the show in a “mutual agreement” with Sony Pictures Television in The Goldbergs season 9 between misconduct allegations and a personnel investigation into his alleged conduct on set. After the exit, the actor technically still appeared on the show through dialogue from previous episodes and unused scenes.

Jeff previously addressed the allegations against him in a December 2021 interview with Vanity Fair. “My opinion is, I have my own history of how I am funny, about the setting and what I have to do,” he said. “They feel that makes a workspace cited as ‘unsafe’. Now, mind you, my laziness creates an unsafe workspace – I don’t understand how… I’ve always been a kind and caring person. I made mistakes, for sure. But my comedy is to ease people’s pain. Why would I want to hurt anyone in order to laugh? That is bullying. It was just unbelievable.”

The Goldbergs
The cast of ‘The Goldbergs.’ (ABC)

As for whether Jeff knew that his character was being killed, Alex noted, “I talked to Jeff and he knew he wouldn’t be replaced. The truth is, I don’t know if he knows his fate, but I assume he does, that would be the answer to that question. We haven’t had a follow-up conversation since the start of writing that he would have any concrete clarity on that.” The Goldbergs Season 10 premieres September 21 on ABC.

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‘The Goldbergs’ Killing Off Murray In Season 10 After Jeff Garlin’s Shocking Exit

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