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‘Tell Me Lies’ Boss On The ‘Devastating’ Finale Twist For Lucy, Drew’s Fate & Season 2 Plans (Exclusive)

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‘Tell Me Lies’ Boss On The ‘Devastating’ Finale Twist For Lucy, Drew’s Fate & Season 2 Plans (Exclusive)

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Lucy’s house of cards collapsed at the end Tell Me Lies season 1 finale. Not only did Stephen and Diana get back together, but Stephen wasn’t even qualified to break up with Lucy first, but Lucy responded by getting drunk enough to sleep with Evan. This is not a great time to be Lucy Albright.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Tell Me Lies creator and presenter Meaghan Oppenheimer about that game-changing finale for Stephen, Diana, and Lucy. While Lucy was still in shock, Meaghan said that Lucy “got that moment” after the way she treated Diana. Plus, there’s a mention of Drew in 2015 that certainly raises the question: what happened to him? Meaghan talked about it all and revealed what season 2 will bring.

Jackson White
Jackson White and Grace Van Patten in ‘Tell Me Lies.’ (Hulu)

First and foremost, did Bree know about Evan and Lucy sleeping together? Or does she still not know?
Meaghan Oppenheimer: She does not.

Does anyone else know about what happened?
Meaghan Oppenheimer: In the coming years?

Meaghan Oppenheimer: I mean, I think Pippa probably knows.

In the later timeline, Stephen is engaged to Lydia, which is a big deal considering her connection to Lucy. If there was a part 2, would you dig into the origins of that relationship?
Meaghan Oppenheimer: In season 2, we can get into the adult storyline more than we did in season 1, but we’ll still mainly focus on our college years. The goal is to have all these little Easter eggs drop in 2015, like what happened to Drew, how Lydia and Steven got together… those are all things that we all must learn during college years. While we’ll see the full progression of how Steven and Lydia get into season 2, it will probably be slower, but we’ll definitely see them begin to interact in season 2.

Speaking of Drew, we hear Evan telling Lucy to give Wrigley a break since it’s recently his brother’s birthday. Is Drew dead?
Meaghan Oppenheimer: I cannot say that. However, he was having a hard time. I will say that.

Is it something that may have happened recently, or is it something that happened in college?
Meaghan Oppenheimer: That’s what’s more likely to happen in part 2 of the college years.

Benjamin Wadsworth
Benjamin Wadsworth in ‘Tell Me Lies.’ (Hulu)

We have to talk about that epic party moment when Stephen and Diana got back together and walked down the stairs in front of Lucy. It was the best thing of 2008 with “Mr. Brightside” is playing. Talk about that moment between the three of them. This time Diana got the last laugh.
Meaghan Oppenheimer: I know. So the moment they walked down the stairs together was something that was in my favorite book. I could picture it very clearly when I read the scene, so I knew I wanted to keep it in there. That was probably one of the biggest pieces I kept from the book. It was funny because when we were editing it and when I cut the first clip, I wasn’t quite sure how to make the footage work. Just because in the edit it’s sometimes like, oh, how does this work? We were trying to figure out the music. At first, we made the music sadder and turned it into a more emotional moment. And then I said to the editor, “Can you put ‘Mr. Brightside’ on? Can we hear what it sounds like?” Because I thought it was going to be something really sad. laughing, sarcastic, and in a way terrible. We put it on and automatically, we were all like, oh my god, that’s the song. It just executes the moment. Horrible and devastating for Lucy, there is a mischievous horror that I feel is somewhat appropriate. If you make it too bleak, it will become too melodramatic.

I felt it was a fulfilling moment after Lucy flaunted her relationship with Stephen in front of Diana at the carnival.
Meaghan Oppenheimer: Sure. I think Diana has been underrated Lucy consistently throughout the season. She played a very different game from Lucy, but she always won. Also, I think Lucy made her bed. As much as we care about Lucy and love Lucy, she acted like an asshole. She earned that moment a little bit from Diana.

I find Diana’s relationship with Stephen just as compelling as Stephen and Lucy’s. She kept coming back to this guy when she could easily move on with her life. Why does she want to get back with Stephen? Why does she still want to help him? Just to get Lucy back?
Meaghan Oppenheimer: I think that’s a lot of reasons. I think she really loves him. I think she sees flaws in him and flaws in his life that she herself doesn’t, so she can have a lot of empathy for it. I think she’s also just a problem solver. She sees a person’s mess and she says, “I can fix him,” which is death’s kiss. So many people have that problem. I definitely had that problem. But like, if someone wants your toy, you want it even more. It’s funny to me when I watch Bachelor, girls have a crush on that guy. Like, 90% of them actually really like that guy. And I thought, if you met him at a party with 20 other guys, would you like him? But because people are so focused on that guy, you automatically say, “I need him to pick me.” I don’t think it’s the greatest motivation, but I think it could be related, especially at that age.

Alicia Crowder
Alicia Crowder in ‘Tell Me Lies.’ (Hulu)

Lucy still has a secret about Macy’s death on Stephen’s head. Why do you think he would risk knowing what Lucy could do with that secret?
Meaghan Oppenheimer: Because in that scene where she threatens him, he threatens her to come back and recount what she did to Wrigley, how she backed off and was immediately terrified… I think he knows no way is she going to tell him because it means so much to herself. She is really tough, and she ruined her friendship because of this relationship. She betrayed Pippa, and she has a lot to lose.

Diana is also willing to do a lot for Stephen, but do you think Stephen knows that maybe Diana won’t keep this a secret like Lucy said?
Meaghan Oppenheimer: That is a good question. I think he might not think about it unless it’s presented as a matter of fact. I think that’s how he is at the moment and what needs to be done right now. I do not know. I feel like there’s a world where he can get Diana to keep it a secret because he’s just a master manipulator. I think he’s going to talk about it in a different way than he talks about it with Lucy because I don’t think Diana is easily manipulated or easily rocked. But I think he might as well get her to keep it a secret.

We talked about this a few weeks ago about how Lucy learning Stephen’s secret actually gave Lucy some money she didn’t have before. We’ve seen how that backfired for her and how being in this relationship changed her and made her manipulative and ruined her relationships. much more. Between Stephen and Diana and now betraying her friend Bree with Evan, how will this change Lucy in season 2?
Meaghan Oppenheimer: I think we’ll run into a much more vulnerable Lucy. I think she drank Kool-Aid and was mesmerized by having Stephen by her side and feeling so powerful. I think a lot of her own mistakes will be very obvious at the beginning of season 2 in terms of how much she hurt people who were really nice to her. I think maybe we’ll find a kinder, gentler Lucy because I think she’s a good person. She has walls, and she’s a mess sometimes, but I don’t think she’s inherently evil. I think she turned evil because of Stephen.

Grace Van Patten
Grace Van Patten in ‘Tell Me Lies.’ (Hulu)

We know that Stephen and Lucy’s relationship continued for several years. When season 2 begins, is Lucy licking her wounds? Will she be in the anger phase? Where will she stand with her feelings for Stephen?
Meaghan Oppenheimer: I think season 2 will need to explore some of Stephen and Lucy’s romantic lives while apart, or at least part of the time. They won’t be together at the start of the season. I thought it would be really interesting to see a new love coming to Lucy getting tangled up and complicated in very different ways and see her try to learn some of the behaviors she learned from Stephen and have may not be able to learn those things. But I think there’s going to be some rage there, and there’s definitely going to be some revenge plot going on at some point.

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‘Tell Me Lies’ Boss On The ‘Devastating’ Finale Twist For Lucy, Drew’s Fate & Season 2 Plans (Exclusive)

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