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Taylor Swift Reveals She Did A ‘Nightmare’ ‘Les Miserables’ Screen Test With Eddie Redmayne

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Taylor Swift Reveals She Did A ‘Nightmare’ ‘Les Miserables’ Screen Test With Eddie Redmayne

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Image credit: Evan Agostini / Invision / AP / Image Press Agency / NurPhoto / Shutterstock

Taylor Swift revealed that she did a screen test with Eddie Redmayne Because Unfortunately! The singer, 32, was unfortunately cut because the audition quickly turned into a “nightmare” experience. “I was basically prepared for two roles,” Midnight singer said on October 28 episode of The Graham Norton Show, including Eddie. “I had the Cosette look and the range called Éponine, so it was established that I was there for quite a while, but not for long. I wouldn’t get the role,” she explained.

Notably, Cosette ended up going to Amanda Seyfried and Éponine was played by Samantha Barks in the 2012 film adaptation directed by Tom Hooper. “But they asked me if I wanted to go to London to try the screen with Eddie, one of my favorite actors, and I thought, ‘This is not an experience I’m going to have again in my life’. so I said yes,” she continued. However, when she arrived on set, she was dressed in a “19th century street urchin costume” including brown teeth. “I said, ‘You’ll do that after I meet Eddie Redmayne, won’t you?’… But no, they made me feel like death and it became a nightmare. When I met Eddie, I didn’t open my mouth to speak,” she recalls.

Taylor Swift Eddie Redmayne Les Miserables Screen test ss post1
Taylor Swift is seen at TIFF earlier this year. (Evan Agostini / Invision / AP)

It turns out the anxiety wasn’t just on Taylor’s side, who was 22 at the time. Eddie, now 40, said he felt uncomfortable singing next to Taylor and hugging and kissing at the same time, as they had never met before. “I thought we would sing together – I didn’t know we would be in each other’s arms,” ​​the Oscar winner added. “My fondest memory is that I ate pizza and garlic powder before, and all I can think about is my garlic breath while Taylor dies in her arms. me and I are trying to express our feelings,” he said cheerfully.

Taylor Swift Eddie Redmayne Les Miserables Screen test ss post2
Eddie Redmayne at the premiere of ‘The Good Nurse’. (Photo Press / NurPhoto / Shutterstock)

The film, based on the French novel by Victor Hugowon three Academy Awards at the 2013 Academy Awards including Best Supporting Actress for Anne Hathaway who played Fantine, Best Mix, Best Makeup and Hairstyling. However, it was also nominated in the Best Picture category, Ben Affleck‘S Argo received the highest nod that year. While not cutting it, 2012 was significant for Taylor as she dropped one of her career-defining albums that year: Red, she re-recorded last year in a new edition called Taylor’s Version. In her prime, she continued to release music in 2013 – in preparation for a major world tour that began that spring.

Taylor then went on to work with director Tom Hooper on the movie, which was shot in 2019 Cats, in which she played Bombalurina. The Pennsylvania-born girl also put her talent into the soundtrack with the song “Beautiful Ghosts.”

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Taylor Swift Reveals She Did A ‘Nightmare’ ‘Les Miserables’ Screen Test With Eddie Redmayne

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