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Taylor Swift Praises Joe Alwyn For Handling Scrutiny ‘Beautifully’ As She Sings About Him On ‘Lavender Haze’

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Taylor Swift Praises Joe Alwyn For Handling Scrutiny ‘Beautifully’ As She Sings About Him On ‘Lavender Haze’

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Image credit: SplashNews

Taylor Swift’s new album, Midnight, which opens with a pop, rhythmic bop called “Lavender Haze.” Even before the album came out, fans already knew what this song would be about Joe Alwyn based on Taylor’s description of the track. However, now that the lyrics are here, it’s all the more clear that Joe inspired the love song. “Lavender Haze” features callbacks of the references Taylor made to Joe on her 2017 album, Reputationwhen she talked about how he loved her even when she was in the darkest time of her life.

“I was under scrutiny, you handled it wonderfully, all this shit is new to me,” Taylor sings in the first verse, reflecting on the early days of her relationship. her with Joe. At the time, Taylor was in the midst of a public feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashianwhile also drawing attention to her reciprocal relationships with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston. What the public doesn’t know, however, is that Taylor and Joe quietly formed a close friendship that eventually turned into a romantic, non-public relationship over 7 months after they actually got to know each other.

In the second sentence, Taylor refers to the more present moment. “All they keep asking me is if I will be your bride,” she sings. “The only kind of girl they see is a one-night stand or a wife.” Taylor and Joe have been dating for over six years, and the topic of a potential engagement has been a discussion in the media and fans for quite some time. However, this is the first time Taylor has actually admitted to speculation about her future with the actor.

The verse continues, “I find it dizzying, they’re giving my history, but you’re not even listening,” which is another nod by Joe ignoring what others have said about Taylor. . She mentioned the same in songs like “Delicate” and “Call It What You Want”.

taylor swift joe alwyn
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn hold hands and hang out. (Splashnews)

Before release Midnight, Taylor gave some behind-the-scenes details on several tracks, including “Lavender Haze,” on Instagram. She explained that it was a term she heard while watching Crazy men, which she searched for and then made into a song. “It was a common phrase used in the ’50s where they just described being in love,” Taylor revealed. “If you are in the lavender smoke, it means you are in the light of love, and I think that is really beautiful. I guess, theoretically, when you’re in a lavender haze, you’d do anything to stay there and not let people take you down from that cloud.”

Meanwhile, “Lavender Haze” isn’t the only Joe-inspired song on Midnight. The album’s final track, “Mastermind”, also talks about the couple’s relationship. On Taylor’s 2019 song “Paper Rings,” she sings, “I hate accidents, except when we’re here from friends.” However, three years later, she admits that it wasn’t an “accident” at all – because she “mastermind” the whole thing.

“What if I told you it wasn’t by chance,” Taylor sings on “Mastermind.” “And the first night you saw me, nothing could stop me. I lay the groundwork and then like the hands of a clock, the dominoes line up in a row. What if I told you I was the mastermind? And now you are mine. All by design. At the end of the song, Taylor sings about confessing to Joe that she won’t stop there to make sure they end up together. While she was worried about how he would react, it turned out that he was aware the whole time, and his only response was a smile.

Meanwhile, Joe actually co-wrote a song on the album, “Sweet Nothing”, which is a slower love song. The main line in the chorus says, “All you ever wanted from me wasn’t sweet”, which is another allusion to the fact that Joe has always loved her for her.

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Taylor Swift Praises Joe Alwyn For Handling Scrutiny ‘Beautifully’ As She Sings About Him On ‘Lavender Haze’

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