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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Goes Off On Christine For Wanting To Move Away With Their Kids

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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Goes Off On Christine For Wanting To Move Away With Their Kids

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Image credit: TLC

Christine Brown and Kody Brown meet for the first time since she moved his things out of their house on the September 11 episode of Where are you. After Christine’s big decision in last season’s finale, Kody wanted some answers. During a conversation filmed in the winter of 2021, Christine asserted that she wouldn’t want to be with Kody anymore if he wasn’t attracted to her and didn’t want to have an intimate marriage with her. However, he claims to have never said that they will not be intimate again.

“I just shrugged,” Kody insisted. “I’m not telling you it’s over. I didn’t use those words [that I wasn’t attracted to you] at all. I just shrugged and said, ‘We’ll see.’ I didn’t use those words.” Kody’s stance is that he doesn’t want to get intimate with Christine because she , including that she allegedly told other family members a few months ago that she didn’t want to be with him anymore. “I’m not joking with a woman who’s talking about leaving me,” he said.

kody brown
Kody Brown on the September 11 episode of ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC)

Christine is sure that Kody isn’t “just shrugging,” but either way, she wants her husband more than a shrug. Christine frankly tells Kody again that she wants to end their relationship. She explained that their marriage had been falling apart for years and she started noticing problems in 2010 when she was pregnant with their daughter, Reallyand working nights in 2010. Christine said Kody wasn’t there to support her and her children the way she needed at the time.

The tense conversation lasted for more than half of the episode. Christine questioned why Kody even wanted to keep their relationship when it was already so bad. Meanwhile, he criticized her for not treating her sister with “respect.” However, he said he wanted to try to reconcile for the sake of his children.

christine brown
Christine Brown in conversation with Kody. (TLC)

At that point, Christine put her foot down and insisted that she no longer wanted to marry Kody. She also said that she wants to move to Utah with her children because there are other family members living who really want to spend time with her. Kody was completely caught off guard by this decision. “We still have a family together,” Kody said. “Okay, we are no longer lovers, but our family is still a family. How do we do that now?”

Christine explains that she doesn’t know how to make Kody function as a family anymore. Kody shares his fear that Christine will run away with the kids and meet someone else who wants to take his money. Christine promised that would not happen. “Everything Kody is saying and the way he’s behaving is validating my decision,” Christine admitted. “I made the right decision. He’s not safe for me. There is no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice.”

The episode ends between Kody and Christine’s conversation. The two finally announced their split in October 2021, so there’s still a lot to happen this season before that! Where are you airs every Sunday on TLC.

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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Goes Off On Christine For Wanting To Move Away With Their Kids

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