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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Apologizes To Christine For Being ‘Angry’ At Her For Wanting To Move

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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Apologizes To Christine For Being ‘Angry’ At Her For Wanting To Move

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Image credit: TLC

Kody Brown there was a moment of clarity between his problems with Christine Brown on September 18 episode of Where are you. A few weeks after their earlier conversation, where Christine told Kody she wanted to move to Utah with their young daughter, Really, the two met again to find out where their relationship was. Kody has still made it clear that he doesn’t want Christine to move, but he’s also apologetic for how strongly he reacted to the decision last time they spoke.

“I want to apologize for being so angry,” Kody told Christine. “I just said, ‘Christine, do what you want.’ And I apologize because I was so angry.” Kody admits there was “a lot of introspection” about the whole situation, and Christine was shocked. “I’m really grateful that he’s just being real, not angry and not angry,” she said. When Kody tells Christine, “I need to go to a place where I can rejoice in your happiness and freedom,” she tells him it’s “the sweetest thing ever.” [he] used to say. In a confessional, she added, “I just wanted to thank him for trying to support me. That’s the sweetest thing you’ve said to me in years. “

christine brown
Christine Brown in ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC)

Kody admits that he has to get to a place where he can let Christine go. However, he says it’s something he’s still “struggling with”, though he doesn’t know why, as he admits he’s no longer in love with Christine. However, no matter how little Kody came around, he was still saddened to hear that Christine wanted to move to Utah eight hours away.

kody brown
Kody Brown on ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC)

“I loathe the fact that she’s moving out and she’s going to marry Truely and move to Utah,” Kody raged. “Really my child. I don’t want to push her into something crazy. Men don’t win in the divorce world. I have done my research. “However, Christine is still at a standstill because she feels Truely would have a better support system in Utah due to having other family members there. “Most of the time [here] it’s just me,” Christine explains. “Right now, Truely doesn’t understand at all. She doesn’t see that he is somewhere else and that he wants to be somewhere else. I’d rather take her elsewhere before she gives a clue.”

Christine and Kody ended their conversation quite reasonably, but they knew they had another tough discussion coming up: Telling the other sisters-in-law that the marriage was over and Christine will leave. Christine tells Kody that she needs him there to support her as she says Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown her decision. He agreed and we’ll see how that plays out in a future episode.

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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Apologizes To Christine For Being ‘Angry’ At Her For Wanting To Move

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