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Queen Camilla Honors Queen Elizabeth 1 Day Before Funeral: ‘Her Smile Was Unforgettable’

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Queen Camilla Honors Queen Elizabeth 1 Day Before Funeral: ‘Her Smile Was Unforgettable’

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Image credit: ANL / Shutterstock

Queen Camilla appeared on a TV show in memory of her late mother-in-law Queen Elizabeth just a day before her funeral. Newly Named Queen Consort, 75 years old, and wife of King Charles III73, opened up about some of her fondest memories of the late reigning monarch, including her signature smile. “She has amazing blue eyes that when she smiles, you know, they light up her entire face. I will always remember that smile, you know, that smile is unforgettable,” Camilla in the pre-recorded segment over the air. BBC on Sunday, September 18.

“She has been a part of our lives forever – I’m 75 and I can’t remember anyone but the Queen being there,” Camilla commented, reflecting on Elizabeth’s brilliant female leadership in 1950s when she had just joined. her mid-twenties. “It must have been very difficult to be her lone woman – without a female Prime Minister or President. She was the only one, so I think she made up her own role.” Elizabeth is the longest-reigning monarch in British history, marking 70 years on the throne in 2022.

Camilla also remembers Queen Elizabeth’s annual trip to Scotland, home to what is believed to be her favorite abode: Balmoral Castle. The historic legacy is also where she died at the age of 96 on September 8, 2022. “When she arrived in Scotland in August, it was a time for her to enjoy herself,” said Camilla. “Although she may be working on her red transparent boxes, she has her family behind her and she gets to do the things she loves all the time. Her real passion is racing. “

prince charles camila tribute ss embed
King Charles and Queen Camilla both paid their respects to the late Queen Elizabeth on September 18. (ANL/Shutterstock)

However, she notes that you “wouldn’t dare question or argue” with the late Queen about her knowledge of horses because “you will be looked back on with incredibly brave blue eyes.” Elizabeth is known for being a lover of animals, including horses and many species of corgis.

Queen Camilla also remembers a hilarious exchange she had with Queen Elizabeth on the day of her wedding in April 2005 to King Charles. “I remember coming from here, Clarence House, to Windsor on the day I got married when I probably didn’t shoot at all the pylons, quite nervous and, for some unknown reason, I went. one shoe and one with a one-inch heel and one with a two-inch heel,” she remembers. “So I mean talk about hop-a-long and there’s nothing I can do about it. I was halfway off the bus before I realized it and you know, she could see and laugh about it and say, ‘look I’m so sorry’… she has a sense of humour. “

That same evening, King Charles issued a statement thanking the public for their condolences. “Over the past ten days, my wife and I have been deeply moved by the many messages of condolences and support we have received from this country and around the world,” he said on September 18. “At London, Edinburgh, Hillsborough and Cardiff, we were touched by all who took the trouble to come and pay their respects to the lifelong service of my dear mother, the late Queen.” he also said.

“As we all prepare to say our final goodbyes, I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the countless people who have been a pillar of support and comfort to my family and myself. in this sad time,” the new King initialed.

Queen Elizabeth asked her daughter-in-law to be officially called Queen Consort in a statement released in February 2022. “I know you will let [Charles] and his wife, Camilla, the support you have given me; and it is my sincere wish that, when that time comes, Camilla will be known as Queen Consort as she continues her faithful service,” the late monarch said.

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Queen Camilla Honors Queen Elizabeth 1 Day Before Funeral: ‘Her Smile Was Unforgettable’

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