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Pete Davidson ‘Will Only Appear In One Episode’ Of ‘The Kardashians’ After Kim Kardashian Split

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Pete Davidson ‘Will Only Appear In One Episode’ Of ‘The Kardashians’ After Kim Kardashian Split

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Image credit: Kristina Bumphrey / StarPix / Shutterstock

Kim Kardashianex Pete Davidson returned home to a single man this week after spending three months filming his latest movie, Sorcerers!, in Australia. And although the comedian – who has the movie Agencies Agency Agencies debuted in his last week in the underbelly – is getting a lot of big screen work since he left SNL, HollywoodLife was EXCLUSIVE to learn that he’s not having the same luck with the smaller screen, as he’ll be “only appearing in one episode” of season 2 of Hulu’s reality show, The Kardashians, after his recent sudden breakup with Kim!

Pete Davidson Khloe Kardashian
Pete Davidson was filming season 2 of ‘The Kardashians’ with Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe Kardashian as the ex-couple attended the Met Gala in NYC on May 2, 2022. (Hulu)

As fans know, the promo for the upcoming season includes a funny moment between Kim, 41, and Pete, 28, in which he dropped his cell phone to join her. take a shower. HollywoodLife already knew that this scene took place when Kim and Pete were getting ready to attend the Met Gala where she famously dressed Marilyn MonroeThe iconic golden cape’s.

According to a source, the Met Gala, taking place May 2 in NYC, was the ONLY time Pete shot season 2 – absolutely! “Pete is happy because the episode he filmed was an iconic moment for Kim,” the insider said. “It meant a lot to her and he was honored to be with her that night as she wore Marilyn Monroe’s dress.” So does this mean that Pete will only be mentioned in one episode? Incorrect. “Kim will discuss their relationship and their breakup in future episodes, and she plans to do so respectfully,” the source revealed.

“Pete saw the commercial for season 2 because it was all over and he couldn’t help it,” a second source said, adding that Pete doesn’t take his breakup with Kim, who he dated, lightly. dating for 9 months. “But when the season came out, he didn’t have any plans in terms of watching things unfold. Despite always keeping a smile on his face, his close friends saw how difficult this breakup was for Pete,” the close friend told us. “He seems tough, but he’s a really sensitive guy when it comes to it. He’s making these splits pretty hard and isn’t ready to see them on screen yet. “

A third source told HollywoodLife that, although Kim and Pete recently ended their affair while he was in Australia, she had nothing to do with his lack of airtime. The Kardashians. “Kim didn’t cut Pete out of the show or anything like that, he simply didn’t do much filming for this season because his schedule was crazy, he was on the whole project. project after project,” said a third insider. “But what he did in the series was lovely and despite the breakup, Kim is happy that he is in the off-season. The show is like a period in her life so it’s important to her that Pete’s involvement. She has nothing but love for him.”

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Pete Davidson ‘Will Only Appear In One Episode’ Of ‘The Kardashians’ After Kim Kardashian Split

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