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Matthew Perry Reveals The ‘Friends’ Cast’s True Salaries: We Were ‘Morons’ To End The Show

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Matthew Perry Reveals The ‘Friends’ Cast’s True Salaries: We Were ‘Morons’ To End The Show

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Image credit: Ken McKay / ITV / Shutterstock

Matthew Perry53 years old, reveals his real salary and Friend co-stars have performed over the years, in his new memoir, Friends, Lovers and Horror, released on Tuesday. The actor, who played Chandler for ten years in the popular sitcom, which premiered in 1994, claimed he earned $22,500 for the pilot episode and this figure has grown to over $1 million. per episode for the cast at the end of the series, according to Diversity. He also claimed that his old friend, David Schwimmerwho helped raise by not asking for more money for himself.

“It was a decision that proved extremely wise. David was definitely in the position of making the most money, and he was not,” wrote Matthew, the site reported. “I’d like to think I would take the same action, but as a greedy twenty-five-year-old, I’m not sure I would. But his decision to help us take care of each other through countless intense cyber negotiations, and it has given us great strength. “

'Friend;  cast
The cast of ‘Friends’. (Warner Bros / Courtesy Everett Collection)

“By season eight, we were making a million dollars per episode; By the tenth season, we’ve earned even more than that,” he continued. “We are making $1,100,040 an episode and we ask to do less episodes. Fools, all of us. We have David’s kindness and his business acumen, to thank for what we’ve been given. “

“I owe you about $30 million, David. (We are still idiots),” he added wittily. Matthew also talked about the salaries he earns for some of his films. They included $1 million for the romantic comedy, Fools rush inand $2 million for the 1998 comedy, Almost heroic.

Matthew Perry
Matthew in a previous appearance. (Ken McKay / ITV / Shutterstock)

He is also said to have been emotional about some of the offers he received for other TV shows. He seems original offered $50,000 an episode for his role on the series in 2006, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, but his team was able to increase his rate to $175,000. He also revealed Friend costar, Matt LeBlanc earn $600,000 an episode for Friend spinoff series, Joey.

Other topics Matthew detailed in his book include his years-long battle with drugs and alcohol, his failure to have a drunken sex as a teenager, and how he He was once said to “defeat” the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau as a kid after his mother started working for Justin’s dad, Pierre Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada at the time. On release day, Matthew took to Instagram to share a video of the book, and revealed how “excited” he was when people read it, in the caption.

“Today is the day! #FriendsLoversBook is finally here. I’m so glad I can finally share my story with you! It’s been a meaningful experience for me and I hope you do! Also found some meaning in it. To buy a copy today, visit the link in my bio,” the caption read.

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Matthew Perry Reveals The ‘Friends’ Cast’s True Salaries: We Were ‘Morons’ To End The Show

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