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Maluma’s Girlfriend: Everything To Know About Susana Gomez, Plus His Other Romances

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Maluma’s Girlfriend: Everything To Know About Susana Gomez, Plus His Other Romances

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Colombian Heart Maluma hit scene, went on fire, in 2012. By 2015, he was already a Latin music sensation, surpassing the phenomenal success of Bad handsome boy. Along the way, it’s conceivable that he’ll win the hearts of a number of qualified (and prominent) women; but the male singer, now 28, tends to be tight-lipped about his dating life. However, since Marry me the star jumped off the stage at the 2022 Billboard Latin Music Awards to give a non-specific public kiss to his current love, the architect. Susana GomezMany people are wondering who else has had the privilege of kissing the hip-twisting male singer (other than his former co-star Jennifer Lopez and Madonnaof course.)

Here’s the dating history of Maluma and every public girlfriend we know.

Natalia Barulich

Natalia Barulich
Natalia Barulich appears at the Cannes Film Festival on May 25, 2022. (ALFONSO CATALANO / Shutterstock)

The “Felices los 4” singer started dating a Cuban-Croatian model Natalia Barulich back in 2018, every PopSugar. And although he has previously kept his romantic interests close to suits, the singer explained why he decided to go public with his brunette mistress. Basically, it stems from the way it personifies him. “This is the first time people know something about my private life and relationships — it makes me happy that people know that side of Juan Luis,” he said. Hola! at that time. “It’s important that people know I love, suffer and cry like anyone else.”

In fact, Natalia is the burning role model seen in his music video for “Felices los 4”. “Natalia is a very special person to me,” he told the magazine. “I loved her so much. She came into my life at just the right moment… It was love at first sight. She went on with her life, and I went on with my life, but not long after that, we I started dating”.

And for singers, it’s about the quality of time they’ve spent. “We have a great time together, we have fun, we love each other and we support each other,” he said. angry of the Telemundoin January 2018, every E! Online. “I think those are the basics. That is the most important thing. Currently, we are dating. We like what we have, I like her company, and she supports me and loves me, so all of you are seeing me like never before.”

The duo dated until October 2019.

Susana Gomez

Susana Gomez and Maluma
Susana Gomez and Maluma are seen during Fashion Week in Paris on March 8, 2022. (MEGA)

After embracing Susana in front of the world in September 2022 while performing her new hit Junio, it’s clear Maluma is in love again. Every PopSugarhe has been dating the famous Colombian architect and interior designer since August 2020, when Hola! reported that he was seen holding hands with her and kissing her.

Ahead of the big on-screen kiss, he took to Instagram to share a shaky Christmas photo, also kissing, on December 24, 2021. “Gracias Santa,” he sweetly captioned it. sweet for his nearly 63 million followers. According to this source, Susana owns Ese + Ese, an interior design company based in Columbia.

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Maluma’s Girlfriend: Everything To Know About Susana Gomez, Plus His Other Romances

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