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‘Magic Mike 3’: First-Look Photo & More Updates On Channing Tatum’s Movie

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‘Magic Mike 3’: First-Look Photo & More Updates On Channing Tatum’s Movie

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Image credit: Warner Bros

Channing TatumThe work of ‘Magic’ Mike Lane is not over yet! Magic Mike 3has an official title Magic Mike’s Last Dance, is the upcoming sequel to the series starring Channing, 42, as a sexy male stripper. The movie is scheduled to premiere in early 2023, more than ten years after the first part Magic Mike has been released. Next part, Magic Mike XXLReleased in 2015.

Fans are excited for the third season Magic Mike film, which ended filming. Channing is clearly returning (with hot abs!) as a main character. First picture from Magic Mike’s Last Dance Shows Salma Hayek Close your eyes and feel Channing’s abs. “All good things start in Miami,” Channing wrote on Instagram while sharing the photo.

Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek (Image: Warner Bros.)

HollywoodLife have compiled all the details we know so far about Magic Mike 3including release date, cast, etc.

Magic Mike 3 Confirmed

Tuesday Magic Mike The film was officially announced on November 29, 2021. Channing shared a photo on the first page of the script, which confirms that the director is Stephen Soderberg and screenwriter Reid Caroline has returned. Stephen directed the first film, while Gregory Jacobs Directed the second film. Reid wrote both films. “World, looks like Mike Lane is mining again,” Channing wrote in his post.

The first Magic Mike The film follows Channing as a seasoned male stripper who teaches his protégé Adam “The Kid”. Movies that have the participation of Alex Pettyfer as Adam, Olivia Munn as Joanna, Mike’s first love, Cody Horn as Brooke, Mike’s love interest, Matthew McConaughey as Dallas, Mike’s boss, and Matt Boomer as Ken. Magic Mike 2 Follow Mike back to the world of striptease as he and his friends head to Myrtle Beach to attend a strip convention. Channing and Matt are back for the sequel with new people Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash, Adam Rodriguez, Gabriel Inglesias, Jada Pinkett Smith, Amber Heard, and Andie MacDowell. The first two films grossed $285.6 million at the global box office.

Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum in ‘Magic Mike’ (Image: Everett Collection)

Magic Mike 3 Release date

Magic Mike’s Last Dance will hit theaters on February 10, 2023. That’s Super Bowl Weekend and Valentine’s Day Weekend. The movie was originally supposed to be released only on HBO Max, but then Warner Bros. decided to put it in theaters. The film will stream on HBO Max at some point after it hits theaters, according to Limit line.

Magic Mike 3 Cast

Channing Tatum will return as Mike Lane for Magic Mike 3. In an interview on Performances by Kelly ClarksonChanning revealed that he almost turned down the film because of the preparation process for getting in shape.

“It’s hard to see like that. Even if you exercise, it doesn’t come naturally to get in shape,” he said in February 2022. “That’s not even healthy. You have to starve yourself. I don’t think when you’re that thin, it’s really healthy,” he added. Channing revealed he exercised twice a day and ate super healthy to prepare for Magic Mike 3.

Channing has confirmed that this will be his last time playing Magic Mike on the big screen. “I want it to be the Super Bowl of striptease,” he said EVERYONE in February about the third film. “I wanted to dance like we never did in the other two movies, because we had to be honest with the reality of that world, it’s not great dancing.”

Salma Hayek is the female lead in Magic Mike’s Last Dance. “It’s the strongest love story, the strongest female character, from start to finish,” Salma said People about her role. “How lucky am I?” She also teased that the film will feature an epic thigh dance by Channing. “If you think he can dance [before]you’ll realize you didn’t see anything,” Salma explained in the August 4 interview. “His dancing skills – he just got better.”

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek (Photo: Everett Collection)

Thandie Newton was originally supposed to be Channing’s co-star in the film. A spokesperson for Warner Bros. Diversity in April 2022. While nothing has been confirmed, there are rumors that Thandiwe and her husband Ol Parker break up, that’s probably why she quit the movie.

What would Magic Mike 3 About?

Magic Mike
Magic Mike (Photo: Andrew H. Walker / Shutterstock)

We got some great teasers about Magic Mike 3 hitherto. “I have a pretty crazy dance at the beginning of the movie,” Channing previously revealed. “We started it on a pretty strong level and then, eventually, I might end up doing a version of the water dance on the show. There’s a splash area in the movie, so it’s a real thing. “

Channing also talked about how the heroine (played by Salma) plays an important role in the film. “It will have a really strong character, almost stronger than Mike, which is a female character,” he said Diversity. “We’ve never done a traditional love story, and this is not a traditional love story.”

Screenwriter Reid Carolin has previously said that the third film is “about a woman who gets stuck at a strip show as horrible as the Chippendales and then realizes, ‘What the hell am I doing at this place? here?’ And then Magic Mike came down from the ceiling. She went down to the rabbit hole and asked: What do I really want? “

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‘Magic Mike 3’: First-Look Photo & More Updates On Channing Tatum’s Movie

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