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Madonna Makes Out With Rapper Tokischa in Hot & Heavy New Music Video: Watch

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Madonna Makes Out With Rapper Tokischa in Hot & Heavy New Music Video: Watch

MadonnaOur new music video is a hot and hot show! The 64-year-old pop icon collaborates with Dominican rapper Tokischa in a new music video, released on September 20, for a remix of her 2005 hit, “Hung Up”, titled “Hung Up on Tokischa”. Madonna and Tokischa, 26, spent most of the pornographic video on top of each other, stroking each other and locking lips as they sang about them riding head-on or “hanging” with someone. Madonna sings the chorus of the song, while the rising rapper sings verses in Spanish with Madonna accompanying her on the third part.

Madonna and Tokischa kissed passionately several times throughout the music video for ‘Hung Up on Tokischa’ (Image: Courtesy of YouTube)

They also wore some sexy outfits, with Madonna changing up a few looks including silk shorts and a black lace bodysuit. Another hot look was the mother-of-six in black thigh-high boots, a black lace bra teamed with a matching set of pink shorts with a hip slit and a cropped jacket. One of Tokischa’s revealing outfits features her wearing a tight white shirt and blue jeans so her white panties peek out over them.

Madonna kisses Tokischa
Madonna and Tokischa color together in a sexy new video (Image: Courtesy of YouTube)

The sexy video was shot in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City, and according to Page six, causing a commotion in the neighborhood, leading to the police being called in to inspect the production. No summons were issued and production was able to resume.

Madonna and Tokischa first debuted their collaboration through a live performance at the Madonna’s Pride event at Terminal 5 in New York in June. The couple kissed on stage, foreshadowing what was to come in the MV. Singer’s son David’s Band16 years old, also joined her on the stage of the event and danced with her as he enthusiastically interacted with the crowd.

“Hung Up” does not belong to Madonna Confessions on the dance floor. The debut music video follows a huge release by Madonna in August: a compilation album of all 50 of her songs has reached #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart throughout her career. . The singer of “Vogue” said to have created the album, called Finally enough love: 50 Number Ones, like “take a trip down the memory lane” in an August 18 conversation with DRAW magazine. She added, “I realized how hard I’ve worked and I’ve had a life of musical adventure! Most importantly, it made me realize how much dance music has always meant to me.”

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Madonna Makes Out With Rapper Tokischa in Hot & Heavy New Music Video: Watch

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