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Lizzo Defended By Fans After Comedian Aries Spears Made Fun Of Her Weight: Tweets

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Lizzo Defended By Fans After Comedian Aries Spears Made Fun Of Her Weight: Tweets

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Image credit: Kristin Callahan / BEI / Shutterstock

If you decide to be queen, be prepared for her subjects to applaud in return! Comedian Aries Spears learned this the hard way after he criticized the positive ambassador’s body weight Lizzo. On the latest episode of his podcast The Art of DialogueAries ripped the Grammy winner apart, criticizing her physical features with gruesome analogies that set her fans on fire.

lizzo aries spears ss embed1
Lizzo’s fans have defended her after comedian Arie Spears mocked her weight. (Kristin Callahan / Shutterstock)

“I can’t get over the fact that she looks like the sh-t emoji,” Aries began with her horrible attitude. “She is a very beautiful girl. She has a very pretty face, but she continues to show off her body. Come on, buddy. ” He then went on to say that he himself is not “the shape”, but “when you are funny and you become cocky and confident and you look good – I think at least I am handsome.” – you will get points”. Aries continued, “But a woman built like a plate of mashed potatoes is in trouble. She is a dumbass. Her music is hard… her body isn’t. “

“You know what kills me about women? Hypocrisy and contradiction,” he added. “Yaas, Queen.” ‘Slay, Queen.’ F-k diabetes. No heart problems. F – k heart disease, cholesterol. You all claim to be women and it’s about sisterhood, but if you really love your sister, you’d go ‘Black girl, we love you and your confidence, but this is not so.’

lizzo aries spears ss embed2
Arie Spears was on fire after his disparaging comments about Lizzo. (BEI / Shutterstock)

The response on Twitter was swift and furious, as one verse of Lizzo poetically wrote, “Meanwhile, Lizzo was twirling and dancing around the stage while playing all the wind instruments and this man was facing the gasp of just sitting and hating. Another shared: “It’s not that Aries Spears is overweight and hideous that makes him ineligible to speak. Lizzo. No one should talk about her body, idc what they look like. “

Yet another follower didn’t cut them off as they wrote, “I want everyone who’s ever been misled and afraid of being fat. Lizzo to live a miserable life. They don’t deserve to enjoy everything.”

Keep reading to see more of Queen Lizzo’s subjects who gave Arie the royal treatment, below.

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Lizzo Defended By Fans After Comedian Aries Spears Made Fun Of Her Weight: Tweets

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