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Lea Michele’s First ‘Funny Girl’ Performance: Fans Rave As She Gets ‘Seven Standing Ovations’

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Lea Michele’s First ‘Funny Girl’ Performance: Fans Rave As She Gets ‘Seven Standing Ovations’

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Image credit: Richard Isaac / Shutterstock

Leah Michele36 years old, captured the full attention of the audience on the night of September 6, when she made her long-awaited debut as Fanny Brice in the Broadway version of Funny girland received four standing ovations, according to Limit line. In the late evening, a TV presenter’s tweet Frank DiLella claimed she received no less than seven. The actress didn’t hold back as she sang her best in the lead role, gaining fame for her image for the first time Barbra Streisand in her Broadway debut in 1964, and it brought joy to fans who’ve thought back to her Glee fictional character Rachel Berry took on the same role on the hit Fox television show. Despite a rough couple of years rife with unflattering headlines about herself, Lea made a pretty lasting impression when she took to the stage at the August Wilson Theater in New York City to take charge. took on the role of a lifetime, and it didn’t take long for fans and critics alike to take to social media to share their thoughts.

“Lea michele, you made it,” one fan wrote in the caption to the Twitter video of her bowing on stage at the end of the show, which featured spectators including Lea’s BFFs and friends. old Broadway show Jonathan Groff and Glee creator Ryan Murphy. Another tweet showed an exchange of text messages between someone who appeared to be at the theater and another who was not. “Pause. Three accolades so far. All are worthy. Lea Michele is KILLING it, and the audience is always with her. Not sure I have ever been to this electric cinema,” the announcement read.

Additional tweets called Lea’s performance “phenomenal” and “unforgettable” while another fan said she was a “real star”. There was also a moment on the show when audiences were reported to gape and laugh after Lea said the line, “I don’t read many books.” This line most likely makes them think about the recent buzzing conspiracy theories that the talented singer and actress can’t read, which she quickly debunked.

Lea debuted as Fanny in Funny girl and supportive reviews come almost two months after news of her replacement Beanie Feldstein in the main role is given the title. Tovah Feldshuh was also announced as a replacement for Lea before Glee costar Jane Lynch, who played Rosie Brice in the play, at the time. Lea took to social media shortly after the announcement to express her excitement at playing her “dream” role.

“A dream come true,” she wrote in the caption of a photo showing her standing in front of a performance at the August Wilson Theatre. In mid-August, the show’s official social media page shared the first footage of Lea’s rehearsal for the play, and it got a lot of fans excited about what’s to come. However, some critics questioned her acceptance of the role after she was accused of abusing former co-stars on various shows in social media posts.

Lea, who was pregnant with her first child at the time of the alleged incident, responded in a lengthy apology post of her own that she admitted she was trying to do better. “The important thing is that I clearly acted in ways that hurt others,” some of her posts read. “Whether it is my position and privileged views that have caused me to be sometimes seen as insensitive or inappropriate, or whether it was just my immaturity and I was unnecessarily awkward, I I’m sorry for my behavior and for any pain I’ve caused.”

She went on to say that she was “contemplating on [her] her own shortcomings” in the past few months and explained that she wanted to “take responsibility for [her] act” as she prepares to welcome her baby. “I have listened to these criticisms and I am learning, and although I am very sorry, I will be better off in the future from this experience,” she concluded.

Funny girl
‘Funny Girl’, starring Lea Michele, premieres September 6. (Christopher Peterson / SplashNews)

As she continues to look ahead and take on the new role of her life, it seems all eyes have been on Lea, but she doesn’t let that make her forget about the talented women. played Fanny before her. “For those Fannys who were fearless to step on this stage before me, @beaniefeldstein @jujujuliebee @ephieaardema, you all climbed Mount Fanny and I am honored to be in your company.” she wrote on her Instagram story right before her debut. “And of course @BarbraStreisand our queen.”

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Lea Michele’s First ‘Funny Girl’ Performance: Fans Rave As She Gets ‘Seven Standing Ovations’

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