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Kylie Jenner Reveals She ‘Cried Nonstop All Day’ For 3 Weeks After Giving Birth To Baby No. 2

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Kylie Jenner Reveals She ‘Cried Nonstop All Day’ For 3 Weeks After Giving Birth To Baby No. 2

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Image credit: Oliver Tucker / Shutterstock

Kylie Jenner catch up with her sister, Kendall Jennerin a scene from the October 20 episode of The Kardashians. The episode was filmed just two months after Kylie gave birth to her second child, and she opened up to Kendall about what she’s been through after having her second baby. “It was really hard for me,” Kylie admits. “I cried non-stop, all day, for the first three weeks. It was childish blues, then it disappeared. I had it with Stormi, also. I cried for three weeks, every day, to the point where I wanted to lie in bed. “

During a confessional, Kylie explained the self-diagnosis she made to herself after an emotional roller coaster ride. She revealed: ‘I’m not a doctor, but I read it on Google and they call it baby blues. “It didn’t last past six weeks, and after about six weeks, I started to feel better. But I certainly had a case of the blues. “

kylie jenner
Kylie Jenner appeared in a see-through dress. (Oliver Tucker / Shutterstock)

Luckily, by the time this episode was filmed, Kylie was “feeling better in spirit” and no longer crying every day. “I don’t have bad days with my body,” she adds. “I have bad days mentally and I need my first night out.” Kendall had the perfect opportunity for Kylie to hit the town, as she was scheduled to head to Las Vegas for the 818 Tequila event. Kylie quickly agreed, but then began to stress about what she was going to wear.

kylie jenner travis scott stormi
Kylie Jenner with Travis Scott and Stormi. (TheBigShotApp / Shutterstock)

“I’m not ready for a Vegas mini dress,” Kylie admits. “It’s going to be very hot and I’m not quite into the outfit yet. I don’t think I’ll wear a bikini. I can’t wear a mini skirt right now”. Kendall told Kylie that she’s “setting herself up for failure” by focusing on her outfit choices this way, but Kylie insists she’s fine. “Nothing stops me,” she said. “I feel really satisfied with my body. I saw my body and I was like… I love my body. I’m hugging my PP body”.

In the end, Kylie didn’t show up for the Vegas trip, and she canceled at the last minute. “Sorry, Kendall, I can’t go to Vegas,” she said. “I have two kids now and things can’t go well, but I love them and have the best time!” Luckily, Kendall had two of her best friends, Hailey Bieber and Justine Skyebeside her – as well as Kylie’s private jet for shuttles!

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Kylie Jenner Reveals She ‘Cried Nonstop All Day’ For 3 Weeks After Giving Birth To Baby No. 2

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