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‘HSMTMTS’ Recap: Ricky Begins To Admits His True Feelings For Gina

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‘HSMTMTS’ Recap: Ricky Begins To Admits His True Feelings For Gina

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Gina was understandably angry at EJ for keeping his father’s letter a secret from her. She said she would talk to him after rehearsal but wanted to focus on Anna for the moment. However, Gina wears her heart on her sleeve, and anyone paying attention knows how she’s feeling about EJ right now.

EJ explained that they needed to save the show and give Corbin and Channing all of those reality TV series. EJ sugared things a bit too much, so Carlos considered them “boring”. They need to beef up the STAT movie, and Carlos has a plan: The real campers of Lake Shallow. He planned all the characters. Each of them has a very unique role.

Frankie J Rodriguez
Frankie J. Rodriguez as Carlos. (Disney +)

It’s all about bombshells, betrayal, and b*tch slaps, exactly. Kourtney is “Judgy One,” Ricky is “Jilted Ex,” Ashlyn is “Dark Past,” Maddox is “Crier,” Gina is “The One With the Catchphrase,” EJ is “Here for the Wrong Reasons,” “Jet is.” “Bad Boy”, Val is “Shrink” and Carlos is “Instigator”.

EJ tells Gina that her catchphrase is “don’t make me start.” Gina claims she can’t improvise, but she claps her hands in response, “And you shouldn’t.” That quick pan for Ricky was a perfect fit. Carlos emphasized that he has four goals for the day: someone needs to cry, someone needs to be slapped, someone needs to throw a drink, and someone needs to be caught saying something scandalous.

Ricky Slap EJ

Carlos let everyone practice slapping, a high art in Real housewives world. Ricky and EJ are somehow paired together, and things don’t go so well. Carlos wanted Ricky and EJ to think about this scenario as actors. EJ stole the woman Ricky “loves”. A little on the nose, Carlos.

“You mean Gina? Since she was EJ’s girlfriend, he robbed her. Or maybe stole her in a fake script,” Ricky said awkwardly. EJ is on high alert. He knows something is up with Ricky.

EJ, Ricky and Gina in ‘HSMTMTS.’ (Disney +)

“Yeah I love it. Sometimes you’ve held the torch for her for years in this contrived situation,” EJ said. strange because it’s like she loves me…” EJ 1.0 coming out outside. Suddenly, Ricky slapped the real EJ. A gasp escaped my mouth.

Carlos switched to Maddox and Ashlyn. He wants them to pretend like they’re in love with the same guy. He picks Jet, which makes this all the more awkward since Maddox and Jet are siblings.

Channing is back, not this time Green Corbin. Kourtney asks Gina about what’s going on with EJ Gina explains that she’s worried EJ is talking to Val about something. She is self-aware of that.

Carlos quickly realized that he hadn’t told the young girls The real campers of the terrarium plan. Kourtney and Gina decide to go first on Carlos’s list when Gina throws a drink at Kourtney. The jet ruined one of the scenes in the rehearsal, so Carlos thought on his feet and tried to tick a cry and a slap off his list within a minute. Dara Renee’s distribute “what a” baby“Is everything I didn’t know I needed.

Gina and Ricky have the last song of the day. Carlos reminds Ricky that he has “unresolved feelings” for Gina under the name “Jilted Ex.” Carlos told Gina to “have fun torturing EJ.” Gina said confidently, “I can do it.” EJ makes this even easier for Gina as he dresses up as Sven.

Ricky & Gina’s performance raises questions

Gina and Ricky sing “What Do You Know About Love?” It’s an instant icon High School Musical: The Musical: The Series music number. Gina and Ricky’s chemistry? CAN BE ASSESSED. Kourtney, Carlos, EJ, and everyone else in the room noticed what was happening here. In the end, Ricky and Gina just looked at each other for one moment too long – and it was captured on camera. Gina quickly walked out of the room after that.

Sofia Wylie
Sofia Wylie as Gina. (Disney +)

Ricky jumps after the performance. When EJ caught up with Gina, she admitted that it felt like they were having a “completely different summer”. EJ has his chance, but he still doesn’t tell her about St. Louis.

Ashlyn admitted that she was “impressed” with how Ricky has progressed in the world of musical theater. Val believes that Ricky is “really in love with people”. Ashlyn points out that Ricky and Gina do have history. Val thinks Ricky is the perfect example of “desire to sublimate”. Ashlyn didn’t know if Val was the right personality, but either way, she found out.

Ricky returns to The Barn and runs into Gina. She told him she didn’t think her first summer would include her first fight with her boyfriend, actually her “first boyfriend secret”. Ricky admits that it can be “really difficult to not just say what you feel.” They have one more moment where they are looking into each other’s eyes for a bit too long.

Channing interrupted them because he wanted to take a group photo. EJ watched Ricky and Gina walk together, and Gina finally told EJ about St. Louis right in the middle of the group photo. Cherry on the cusp of a really chaotic day.

Channing finally left, so everyone could relax for a moment. Ashlyn quipped, “That couldn’t last longer.” Ricky replied, “I, for one thing, would love to be opposed by America.” This relates to real life the chef’s kiss.

EJ’s full name revealed

Kourtney thought they needed to get closer together after the movie. Carlos said Kourtney was “worried,” and she wondered if Gina would tell Carlos about her talk with her mother. Val hits the bell to settle things down a level, and Ashlyn tells her to “read the room.”

Julia Lester
Julia Lester and Dara Renee as Ashlyn and Kourtney. (Disney +)

Maddox tells Ashlyn that she also had a crush on Val. She said that “screaming” was not her way of expressing her “romantic feelings”. Ashlyn started laughing and quickly told Maddox that she had a boyfriend. Jet walks in and tells Maddox to back off. They started fighting in front of everyone. The truth about them being siblings was finally revealed. The reason Maddox told Jet was because Jet told their parents about her girlfriend after discovering the messages on her phone.

Carlos realized he had opened a box of worms. Ricky is completely shaken by Jet and Maddox’s revelation. EJ tries to explain the letter to Gina and admits that he refuses to leave Salt Lake without a fight. “Why you do not talk to me?” Gina asked. She doesn’t want him to keep things with her.

In another episode, Ashlyn revealed EJ’s real name: Elton John Caswell. This is just one more thing Gina didn’t know about EJ Gina left EJ and said he was acting like an “old version” of himself.

Ricky reveals his feelings for Gina

After witnessing all this drama, young girls are hesitant about being theater kids. Kourtney resolved all their doubts.

Ricky finds Jet in one of his hideouts. Ricky wonders where Jet is running from. Jet confesses that he has been the “bad guy” to Maddox for a long time, and that it is eating him. Ricky tries to get Jet to sing about it, but Jet doesn’t accept it.

Joshua Bassett
Corbin Bleu and Joshua Bassett in ‘HSMTMTS.’ (Disney +)

Carlos and Ricky try to decompress from all the rehearsal mayhem. Ricky couldn’t hold back his feelings any longer. He told Carlos he wasn’t “completely acting” when he pretended to be in love with Gina. Carlos says he has a feeling. Ricky makes Carlos promise he won’t tell, but it’s all in vain because Channing has all of this on tape. Ricky was caught on a hot mic! This was the last thing Carlos needed to check his list.

While talking to Ricky, Jet decides to sing about what’s going on with Maddox. He plays the piano in some beautiful solos. He wished he could turn back time, and his heart was in the right place. Maddox overheard Jet’s singing, so all hopes have not been extinguished for this pair of brothers.

EJ knew everything was falling apart before his eyes. This production is a scandal avoid being ruined. He decided to make a call. “How long can you come here?” he asked the person on the other end of the line. Who could that be?!

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‘HSMTMTS’ Recap: Ricky Begins To Admits His True Feelings For Gina

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